Best Episodes of The Gist:

Speech, both Fettered and Free

The ACLU, long a champion of first amendment rights actually opposed ending campus free speech zones in Georgia. Also, presidential speechwriter Jeff Nussbaum is back to talk about the phrasings of hi


Best Episodes of Hang Up and Listen:

How Rich Strike Struck It Rich

Vinson Cunningham, Stefan Fatsis, and Josh Levin are joined by the New York Times‘ Joe Drape to talk about Rich Strike’s shocking Kentucky Derby win. They also discuss Brittney Griner’s continued dete


Best Episodes of Hit Parade | Music History and Music Trivia:

I Got Five on It Part 2

Five years ago this month, Hit Parade launched on the Slate podcast network. What have we learned in that half-decade? And what episodes did you love the most? We asked you to vote—and the results may


Best Episodes of Slow Burn:

Season 7 Trailer - Roe v. Wade

In the early 1970s, the future of abortion in America was far from settled. Roe v. Wade would change everything, though few knew it at the time. For the seventh season of Slate’s Slow Burn, host Susan


Best Episodes of Political Gabfest:

The “End Of Roe Is Nigh!” Edition

Here are some notes and references from this week’s show: Ruth Marcus for The Washington Post: “ [The Leaked Draft Roe Opinion Is A Disaster For The Supreme] (https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2


Best Episodes of Amicus With Dahlia Lithwick | Law, justice, and the courts:

Learning from Pre-Roe to Navigate Post-Roe

In a special live panel discussion in partnership with the Crosscut Festival, this week’s Amicus tackles the post-leak landscape and potential post-Roe fallout from Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinio


Best Episodes of What Next | Daily News and Analysis:

The Future of IVF Post-Roe

As the country awaits a final decision on whether the Supreme Court will overturn Roe. v Wade, fertility doctors are sounding the alarm about what that could mean for the future procedures like IVF. 


Best Episodes of Slate Money:

From What’s Your Problem?: Becoming a Dog Ramp Mogul

We're sharing a special preview of the new podcast, What’s Your Problem? from Pushkin Industries. What’s Your Problem? explains the problems really smart people are trying to solve right now, from cre


Best Episodes of How To!:

How To Be a Lazy Genius

When Samantha and her husband moved from a condo to a fairly large house, they knew they’d have a lot of updating and upkeep to do. But they had no idea how much time their new chores would gobble up.


Best Episodes of Culture Gabfest:

Aristocrats at Sea

This week, Steve is joined by author and Slate editor and writer, Dan Kois, and Slate staff writer, Heather Schwedel. The panel begins by discussing the French film Happening with Susan Matthews, Slat


Best Episodes of Thrilling Tales of Modern Capitalism:

Sponsored: How Can We Be More Self-Aware and Emotionally Intelligent in Business?

We’re wrapping up Season 2 of The Relentless with two special guests who epitomize the emotional intelligence and personal commitment needed to create extraordinary experiences for customers. Gary Vay


Best Episodes of Slate Technology:

ICYMI: The “Am I the A**Hole” Economy Is Thriving

“Am I the asshole?” The provocative question lies at the heart of a wildly popular subreddit whose reach has spread far beyond the platform. On today’s show, [Rachelle] (https://twitter.com/heyydnae)


Best Episodes of Slate's Spoiler Specials:

Decoder Ring: The Sideways Effect

Hey, Spoiler Specials listeners, Dana Stevens here. If you haven’t heard the Slate podcast Decoder Ring yet, I urge you to check it out. Hosted by our friend Willa Paskin, each episode cracks a differ


Best Episodes of Decoder Ring:

“We Got Ourselves a Convoy”

In the 1970s, a song about protesting truckers topped the music charts in multiple countries, and kicked off a pop culture craze for CB radios. In early 2022, that same song became an anthem for a new


Best Episodes of Hi-Phi Nation:


In our final episode on monsters, we investigate why people who eat people are the funkiest people in the afterlife. We talk to a man who has actually eaten parts of other people, many times, about wh


Best Episodes of Mom and Dad Are Fighting | Slate's parenting show:

The “Protecting Trans Kids” Edition

On this episode: Jamilah, Elizabeth, and Zak talk about the wave of anti-trans legislation, the role of misinformation in this movement, and how to protect trans kids. They are joined by [Jules Gill-P