Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Since Nov 2015

322 Episodes

Join host Anna Faris, in an ongoing weekly experiment where she attempts to gain insights into the world by talking to celebrity guests and by giving out completely unqualified advice to callers, often with the help of much more qualified expert guests.

Best Episodes of Anna Faris Is Unqualified:

Amanda Seales

Amanda Seales [Insecure, Get Your Life, Smart Funny & Black, The Real, I Be Knowin’] talks with Anna about the future of America, humanity, versions of crazy, sexual firsts, past relationships and the one that took 20-years to happen. In this week’s Unqualified segment, Anna and Amanda first talk with CJ, a British expat who, after recently moving to his husband’s hometown in Utah, isn’t quite ready to make new friends. Their next call is with Jordan doesn’t know what to do when his career choice has resulted in a long-distance marriage. State Farm Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. Call or go to [] ( for a quote today. Masterclass This holiday, give one annual membership and get one free! Go to [] ( today. Terms apply. Jenni Kayne Find your forever pieces at [] ( and get 15% off your first order when you use code ANNA at checkout. Peacock See this exclusive crossover event now, and watch new episodes every Thursday. Plus, stream more of your reality favorites on Peacock — including all past seasons of The Real Housewives — hit movies and shows, exclusive Originals, live sports, news, and more. Go to [] ( to sign up. Skylight Frames You can get $10 off your purchase of a Skylight Frame when you go [] ( and enter code FARIS . This holiday season, deck the halls, walls, doors and windows with the best deals of the year on the award winning Ring Alarm. Go to [] ( to get a great deal on a Ring Alarm security kit today! Netflix is a Joke Netflix is a Daily Joke is a podcast that brings you a joke a day, every day, from your favorite comedians. And maybe introduce you to your new faves!  Subscribe to Netflix is a Daily Joke on Apple, Spotify, and all the podcast places. Please subscribe to Anna Faris is Unqualified on Apple Podcasts and follow us on social media: Instagram [@Unqualified] ( Twitter [@Unqualified] ( Facebook [@Anna Faris is Unqualified] ( Music by: Mondo Cozmo [@mondocozmo] ( Producers: Michael Barrett, Rob Holysz, Jeph Porter, Kasper Selvig Researcher: Margot Barrett Production Services: Rabbit Grin Productions [] ( Distributed by: [Simplecast] ( ... Read more

29 Nov 2021

1 HR 23 MINS

1h 23m

29 Nov 2021

The West Wing Weekly

Since Mar 2016

186 Episodes

An episode-by-episode discussion of The West Wing, one of television’s most beloved shows, co-hosted by one of its stars, Joshua Malina, along with Hrishikesh Hirway of Song Exploder.

Best Episodes of The West Wing Weekly:

0.20: A West Wing Weekly Special to Discuss A West Wing Special To Benefit When We All Vote (with Aa...

We’re back! The West Wing cast reunited for this special episode, so we got back together to discuss it. And Aaron Sorkin joins us to talk about his experiences adapting "Hartsfield’s Landing" for this voter turnout initiative. Please go to [] ( to donate! For more, visit  [] ( ... Read more

28 Oct 2020

1 HR 15 MINS

1h 15m

28 Oct 2020

Super Soul

Since Jul 2017

361 Episodes

Awaken, discover and connect to the deeper meaning of the world around you with Super Soul. Hear Oprah’s personal selection of her interviews with thought-leaders, best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, as well as health and wellness experts. All designed to light you up, guide you through life’s big questions and help bring you one step closer to your best self.

Best Episodes of Super Soul:

Mitch Albom: The Dying Know the Secrets to a Good Life (From August 28, 2017)

The Best of Oprah's Super Soul | This Episode Was Originally Published on August 28th, 2017. It’s been twenty years since Mitch wrote about the most impactful life lessons he learned from his former professor, Morrie Schwartz, who was dying from ALS. Mitch chronicled their weekly visits in one of the best-selling memoirs of all time, “Tuesdays with Morrie,” which has been translated in 41 languages. Oprah and Mitch discuss how Morrie’s lessons continue to resonate because of their universal truths about life and happiness. ... Read more

24 Nov 2021



24 Nov 2021

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Since Oct 2018

209 Episodes

After 25 years at the Late Night desk, Conan realized that the only people at his holiday party are the men and women who work for him. Over the years and despite thousands of interviews, Conan has never made a real and lasting friendship with any of his celebrity guests. So, he started a podcast to do just that.Deeper, unboundedly playful, and free from FCC regulations, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend is a weekly opportunity for Conan to hang out with the people he enjoys most and perhaps find some real friendship along the way.

Best Episodes of Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend:

Ellie Kemper

Actress Ellie Kemper feels thrilled about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.   Ellie sits down with Conan to talk about mining sincerity for comedy while starring in The Office and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Conan’s rowdy relationship with her husband Michael, and her upcoming film Home Sweet Home Alone. Later, Conan responds to a listener voicemail asking which animal he would give birth to.   Got a question for Conan? Call our voicemail: (323) 451-2821.   For Conan videos, tour dates and more visit  [] ( . ... Read more

29 Nov 2021



29 Nov 2021

Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions

Since Nov 2020

6 Episodes

Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions pairs Bill Gates with actress and writer Rashida Jones to tackle some of the biggest questions facing us today: Is it too late to solve climate change? Does everybody lie? Is inequality inevitable? Join them for deep dives into these questions and even a few answers.

Best Episodes of Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions:

EP 5: Can people really change?

2020 has been a year of change. From the pandemic to the presidential election, it’s clear that the world will never be the same after this year – and neither will all of us who experienced it. In the season finale, Bill and Rashida explore how progress hinges on society’s ability to evolve, how our view of the world shifts as we get older, and whether it’s actually possible to change someone’s mind. Then they’re joined by two people who are using their positions as artists to change the world for the better: Bono and Kerry Washington. ... Read more

14 Dec 2020



14 Dec 2020

Under The Skin with Russell Brand

Since Mar 2017

173 Episodes

A weekly interview series from Russell Brand that examines what's beneath the surface—of the people we admire, the ideas that define our time, and the history we’re told. Speaking with guests from the worlds of academia, popular culture, and the arts, Russell seeks to uncover the ulterior truth behind our constructed reality. And have a laugh. On his new podcast ‘Above the Noise’ Russell guides us all—curious beginners, spiritual skeptics, and experienced practitioners—in brief, 10-minute meditations. Listen to Above the Noise on Luminary

Best Episodes of Under The Skin with Russell Brand:

#213 Fearlessness and Fighting Power (with Dr. Vandana Shiva)

This week I was fortunate to have Vandana Shiva return as a guest on the podcast. Her first interview on Under the Skin was one of my favourites, and as many of you noticed, moved me very much. Vandana is an Indian scholar, food sovereignty advocate, and environmental activist. She is author of: Oneness vs. the 1%: Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom. She is powerful, compassionate, and incredibly well educated. In this episode we talk about the real affect globalisation has on the world, the failings of COP26, the manipulation occurring at governmental levels by billionaires, and how we can cultivate fearlessness in order to stand up against the powerful to fight for what’s right and necessary. For more information on Vandana’s work and to take part in her online courses go to More Info: Come see me live; check out upcoming dates: My meditation podcast, Above the Noise, is out now, only on Luminary. I will be releasing guided meditations every Wednesday. Please check it out: Elites are taking over! Our only hope is to form our own. To learn more join my cartel here and get weekly bulletins too incendiary for anything but your private inbox. (*not a euphemism) Subscribe to my YouTube channel, I post four videos a week including video clips from these episodes! Subscribe to my YouTube side-channel for more wellness and spirituality: Instagram: Twitter: ... Read more

20 Nov 2021



20 Nov 2021

Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin

Since Oct 2011

285 Episodes

Award-winning actor Alec Baldwin takes listeners into the lives of artists, policy makers and performers. Alec sidesteps the predictable by going inside the dressing rooms, apartments, and offices of people we want to understand better: Ira Glass, Lena Dunham, David Letterman, Barbara Streisand, Tom Yorke, Chris Rock and others. Hear what happens when an inveterate guest becomes a host.

Best Episodes of Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin:

Paavo Järvi Conducts Beautiful Music

(Recorded June 2021) Estonian conductor Paavo Järvi is one of the most in-demand maestros in the world, and one of Alec’s favorite conductors. Järvi is currently the chief conductor of the NHK symphony orchestra in Tokyo and the Tonhalle Orchester-Zürich. Over his career, he’s led orchestras in Paris, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Malmö, and, for the decade between 2001 and 2011, here in the United States, as the musical director of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. He and his musical family are pillars of the thriving classical music scene in his home country of Estonia. Paavo Järvi talks to Alec about how slowing down in the pandemic offered Paavo time to think, his early love of music, what it was like to come to the United States from Soviet-era Estonia as a 17-year-old, and what he took away from a decade of conducting the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.  Learn more about your ad-choices at ... Read more

30 Nov 2021



30 Nov 2021

I Weigh with Jameela Jamil

Since Mar 2020

90 Episodes

What started as a social media post has become a mental health movement, and now a podcast. On I WEIGH, Jameela Jamil challenges societal norms through conversations with thought-leaders, performers, activists, influencers, and friends about their own experiences and stories with their mental health. With hilarious and vulnerable conversations, I WEIGH amplifies and empowers diverse voices in an accessible way to celebrate progress, not perfection.

Best Episodes of I Weigh with Jameela Jamil:

How To Spot A Lie with Evy Poumpouras

Former US. Secret Service Special Agent, and current TV host and author Evy Poumpouras joins Jameela this week to discuss the power of fear and its negative impact on your life, her time as a secret service agent as well as how 9/11 impacted her, how to spot a lie, learning to trust your instincts, and more.    Check out Evy Poumpouras' book- [Becoming Bulletproof] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!dfwpUmXAilTbK_VlGg9UV-X8RGqbpzo3-xRaSh2F41daqe3T8wJxaBAGy8SEf6lvVaF_Z_DrHO5f40PyFN58nw$) :  [] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!dfwpUmXAilTbK_VlGg9UV-X8RGqbpzo3-xRaSh2F41daqe3T8wJxaBAGy8SEf6lvVaF_Z_DrHO5f40PyFN58nw$)   You can follow Evy on [Instagram] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!dfwpUmXAilTbK_VlGg9UV-X8RGqbpzo3-xRaSh2F41daqe3T8wJxaBAGy8SEf6lvVaF_Z_DrHO5f40O0Z-aWRg$) and [Twitter ] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!dfwpUmXAilTbK_VlGg9UV-X8RGqbpzo3-xRaSh2F41daqe3T8wJxaBAGy8SEf6lvVaF_Z_DrHO5f40Mq09vnEQ$) @evypoumpouras   You can find transcripts for this episode [ on the Earwolf website. ] ( IWeigh has amazing merch -  [check it out at] (   Jameela is on  [Instagram] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!dfwpUmXAilTbK_VlGg9UV-X8RGqbpzo3-xRaSh2F41daqe3T8wJxaBAGy8SEf6lvVaF_Z_DrHO5f40NtZNg3CQ$)  @jameelajamilofficial and  [Twitter] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!dfwpUmXAilTbK_VlGg9UV-X8RGqbpzo3-xRaSh2F41daqe3T8wJxaBAGy8SEf6lvVaF_Z_DrHO5f40Ndik5vJQ$)  @Jameelajamil  And make sure to check out IWeigh's  [Twitter] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!dfwpUmXAilTbK_VlGg9UV-X8RGqbpzo3-xRaSh2F41daqe3T8wJxaBAGy8SEf6lvVaF_Z_DrHO5f40NtB4MQlw$) ,  [Instagram] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!dfwpUmXAilTbK_VlGg9UV-X8RGqbpzo3-xRaSh2F41daqe3T8wJxaBAGy8SEf6lvVaF_Z_DrHO5f40OfzXbdEQ$) , and  [Youtube] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!dfwpUmXAilTbK_VlGg9UV-X8RGqbpzo3-xRaSh2F41daqe3T8wJxaBAGy8SEf6lvVaF_Z_DrHO5f40OPozr53Q$)  for more! ... Read more

26 Nov 2021



26 Nov 2021

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

Since Dec 2015

186 Episodes

A weekly exploration of all the things Jonathan Van Ness (Queer Eye, Gay of Thrones) is curious about. Come on a journey with Jonathan and experts in their respective fields as they get curious about anything and everything under the sun.

Best Episodes of Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness:

How Expansive Is Oregon Trail History? with Professor Margaret Huettl

Can you map out the Oregon Trail? If you just flashed back to playing The Oregon Trail video game in your sixth grade computer lab, get ready for a journey. Jonathan and Professor Margaret Huettl explore how Native knowledge systems established the Oregon Trail; how Native peoples experienced non-Native settlers moving West; and how Indigenous communities today are reckoning with this past to build a better future.   Margaret Huettl, a descendant of Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibweg, Assyrian refugees, and European settlers, is Assistant Professor in History and Ethnic Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is a scholar of Native American history and North American Wests, and her research examines the continuities of Ojibwe sovereignty in the context of settler colonialism in both the United States and Canada, centering Ojibwe ways of knowing.    You can follow her on [Twitter] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!dlipW0yslcJX_iGo3k-Bpz2FAu48eAtUOKtcyEcNzDgFv3tFbkDZFfoApyTyYEcP1W8YMFt2tSWZwCT7SnoZPjLHIio$) @historianhuettl.   Want to learn more about the Oregon Trail?    See whose land you’re living on, or learn more about the Native nations whose land was crossed by the Oregon Trail: [] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!dlipW0yslcJX_iGo3k-Bpz2FAu48eAtUOKtcyEcNzDgFv3tFbkDZFfoApyTyYEcP1W8YMFt2tSWZwCT7SnoZ0uE4buo$)   Visit the only Oregon Trail museum run by Indigenous people: [TAMÁSTSLIKT CULTURAL INSTITUTE] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!dlipW0yslcJX_iGo3k-Bpz2FAu48eAtUOKtcyEcNzDgFv3tFbkDZFfoApyTyYEcP1W8YMFt2tSWZwCT7SnoZ86pXlGU$)   Explore the Fort Laramie Treaty through an interactive case study: [Fort Laramie Treaty Case Study] (*introduction__;Iw!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!dlipW0yslcJX_iGo3k-Bpz2FAu48eAtUOKtcyEcNzDgFv3tFbkDZFfoApyTyYEcP1W8YMFt2tSWZwCT7SnoZ81AefK8$)   Read Margaret’s work: [“Treaty Stories: Reclaiming the Unbroken History of Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Sovereignty”] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!dlipW0yslcJX_iGo3k-Bpz2FAu48eAtUOKtcyEcNzDgFv3tFbkDZFfoApyTyYEcP1W8YMFt2tSWZwCT7SnoZVNrBGv4$)   Learn more about Indigenous representations: [IllumiNative] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!dlipW0yslcJX_iGo3k-Bpz2FAu48eAtUOKtcyEcNzDgFv3tFbkDZFfoApyTyYEcP1W8YMFt2tSWZwCT7SnoZ2abr-ps$) .    Check out some Indigenous-centered games:   [When Rivers Were Trails] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!dlipW0yslcJX_iGo3k-Bpz2FAu48eAtUOKtcyEcNzDgFv3tFbkDZFfoApyTyYEcP1W8YMFt2tSWZwCT7SnoZjKBNROg$) [Invaders] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!dlipW0yslcJX_iGo3k-Bpz2FAu48eAtUOKtcyEcNzDgFv3tFbkDZFfoApyTyYEcP1W8YMFt2tSWZwCT7SnoZLUVzNUA$) [Growing Up Ojibwe] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!dlipW0yslcJX_iGo3k-Bpz2FAu48eAtUOKtcyEcNzDgFv3tFbkDZFfoApyTyYEcP1W8YMFt2tSWZwCT7SnoZUYtdZVk$) [Never Alone] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!dlipW0yslcJX_iGo3k-Bpz2FAu48eAtUOKtcyEcNzDgFv3tFbkDZFfoApyTyYEcP1W8YMFt2tSWZwCT7SnoZDIKaPVU$)   Find out what today’s guest and former guests are up to by following us on [ Instagram] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!JwPuFyNVrHjVLZ00zG_p-g5BwqcJBeKiKpH_gBGieMmeu6cBBxoQbp_bZ4kieAp4$) and [ Twitter] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!JwPuFyNVrHjVLZ00zG_p-g5BwqcJBeKiKpH_gBGieMmeu6cBBxoQbp_bZ93t8WZf$) @CuriousWithJVN.  Transcripts for each episode are available at [] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!dlipW0yslcJX_iGo3k-Bpz2FAu48eAtUOKtcyEcNzDgFv3tFbkDZFfoApyTyYEcP1W8YMFt2tSWZwCT7SnoZIO_de6k$) . Check out Getting Curious merch at [] ( . Listen to more music from Quiñ by heading over to [] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!JwPuFyNVrHjVLZ00zG_p-g5BwqcJBeKiKpH_gBGieMmeu6cBBxoQbp_bZ8weXfHW$) . Jonathan is on [ Instagram] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!JwPuFyNVrHjVLZ00zG_p-g5BwqcJBeKiKpH_gBGieMmeu6cBBxoQbp_bZzmGcX02$) and [ Twitter] (*5Egoogle*7Ctwcamp*5Eserp*7Ctwgr*5Eauthor__;JSUlJSU!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!JwPuFyNVrHjVLZ00zG_p-g5BwqcJBeKiKpH_gBGieMmeu6cBBxoQbp_bZ7p2UPtz$) @JVN and @Jonathan.Vanness on [ Facebook] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!JwPuFyNVrHjVLZ00zG_p-g5BwqcJBeKiKpH_gBGieMmeu6cBBxoQbp_bZ8ubhvSJ$) . ... Read more

24 Nov 2021



24 Nov 2021

Armchair Expert Experts

Since Jun 2019

65 Episodes

Two anonymous Armcherries debriefing every episode ever of Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard and Monica Padman.

Best Episodes of Armchair Expert Experts:

Ep. 65/Ep. 294 - Salma Hayek

The Queen Armcherries go over the interview with Salma Hayek and talk about Dax and Monica's affinity for DING, DING, DINGs!  ... Read more

02 Mar 2021



02 Mar 2021

Office Ladies

Since Sept 2019

112 Episodes

The Office co-stars and best friends, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, are doing the ultimate The Office re-watch podcast for you. Each week Jenna and Angela will break down an episode of The Office and give exclusive behind the scene stories that only two people who were there, can tell you.

Best Episodes of Office Ladies:

A Look Back on Diwali

Happy Thanksgiving! Our “Office Ladies” team is enjoying a break with our families but before we left, Jenna and Angela share a “Diwali” deleted scene that reveals another Andy nickname and we hear a clip from Mindy Kaling!    While you enjoy the holiday, you can relisten to this amazing interview with the boss lady triple threat herself, Mindy Kaling! Mindy walks us through how she came to work on “The Office”, what it was like for her to be able to pitch and write “Diwali”, and explains why the show cast her actual parents in this episode. Then Jenna and Angela dig even deeper into this episode covering Kevin's sweaty feet, and what went into filming and costuming the Diwali festivities. Finally, we connect with Jaysha Patel, who played one of Mindy's sisters and get her memories of filming this episode, along with why sushi and bottle service don't mix, and we end with a great BFF catch.    Watch Mindy Kaling’s new show on HBO Max: [“Sex Lives of College Girls”] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!ducOJLb8UPUsrDbqhk1wBtE1Grxz2qZWTHO8IzGFsAUaaecP8F0rebyWiiLu2BwXk4MAvC12ZK0s9hQkKX9ds0I$)   Check out the “Office Ladies” merchandise Black Friday sale: [] (   On Cyber Monday, use code “FREESHIP” at checkout for free shipping on domestic orders ... Read more

24 Nov 2021

1 HR 27 MINS

1h 27m

24 Nov 2021

Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham

Since Sept 2018

47 Episodes

Join supermodel, style icon and barrier-breaking body activist Ashley Graham as she sits down with some of her brilliant, inspiring and honest friends about what makes them a Pretty Big Deal. Absolutely nothing is off limits, so get ready.

Best Episodes of Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham:

The Bellas (Nikki & Brie Bella)

Ashley Graham takes on the Bella Twins in a no-holds-barred conversation about wrestling, reality TV, family, and their NYT best-seller,Incomparable. The stars of E!’s hit reality show Total Bellas get real about wardrobe malfunctions in the ring, the locker room culture of WWE, pregnancy, and so much more. [#prettybigdeal] ( Instagram: [] ( Facebook: [] ( Twitter: [] ( YouTube: [] ( Website: [ ] ( [] ( Pretty Big Deal Productions Westbrook Media OBB Pictures & OBB Sound HOST Ashley Graham EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Ashley Graham Penni Thow Scooter Braun Kelsey McWilliams Amanda Brown Michael D. Ratner Scott Ratner Miranda Sherman CO-EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Annalora Von Pentz Jesse Uram Jae Trevits SENIOR DEVELOPMENT PRODUCER Serita Wesley SENIOR PRODUCER AND STORY EDITOR Matt Raz ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS Alexis Williams and Crystal DeVone EDITOR Samantha Gattsek MAIN TITLE THEME BY Johannes Raassina ... Read more

22 Dec 2020



22 Dec 2020

Storytime with Seth Rogen

Since Aug 2021

9 Episodes

Hi! Welcome to Storytime with Seth Rogen, where every week Seth asks somebody, “Do you have a great story? And if you do, will you tell it on my podcast?” That’s it. That’s the concept. But the results are so much more than that. This is not a typical comedian-hosted chat show! Each episode plays like a little audio documentary, a feature presentation unto itself, with supporting interviews and archival tape woven into each story with a rhythmic editing style. Not all the stories are knee-slap funny, and not all the guests are known. From a near-death grizzly bear fight in remote Canada, to a life-altering celebrity encounter in a movie theatre, to the revelation of a family secret, Storytime starts with Seth’s curiosity about people and the world, and always ends up in an unexpected place.

Best Episodes of Storytime with Seth Rogen:


When Joe Mande and his longtime girlfriend Kylie take a trip to Spain, an ill-fated day in Córdoba goes from bad to worse. Featuring Kylie. Make sure to check out Joe's website  [] (;!!NUnUjx3wvH5xgA!fvoKeWw6322lKc5qY4SgM1AsDAYF0XCXUF1H2j8bd1NROlqvv13B6LeZaUXEDx3FDqereBM2lJdMjuat2dSF$)  and follow him on instagram @joemande ... Read more

24 Nov 2021



24 Nov 2021

Sibling Revelry with Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson

Since Nov 2019

93 Episodes

Sibling Revelry explores the sibling bond, family dynamics, the human mind, and so much more. Kate and Oliver dive deep into the things that interest them and talk to other siblings in a free-formed, wide open, relaxed conversation to not only have some laughs, but to maybe inspire some people along the way with universal tales of what it’s like to grow up with brothers and sisters.

Best Episodes of Sibling Revelry with Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson:

Erinn and Ollie: Raising Siblings

This week, Oliver and Erinn discuss raising siblings, building trust with their kids, share some funny tricks to keep children well-behaved, and more. Sibling Revelry with Kate and Oliver will be back soon with a brand new season after a brief hiatus. Email [] ( with guest recommendations, questions, etc. Executive Producers: Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson Produced by Allison Bresnick Edited by Josh Windisch Music by Mark Hudson This show is powered by Simplecast. This episode is sponsored by: Sakara ( [] ( ) (PROMO CODE: Sibling) Pill Club ( [] ( ) Oak Essentials ( [] ( PROMO CODE: sibling) ... Read more

08 Oct 2021



08 Oct 2021

Keeping It Real: Conversations with Jillian Michaels

Since Feb 2011

557 Episodes

Fun, inspirational, informative, and empowering, Keeping It Real: Conversations with Jillian Michaels showcases weekly, in depth interviews with the world's foremost experts in all fields of wellness. From medicine, fitness, and nutrition to parenting, money, and relationships - the show is raw, authentic, and fact based. With guests like Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Lisa Ling, Suze Orman, Dr. Gail Saltz, Brian Greene, Dr. William Li and more giving the audience all the info needed to enhance their lives in any way they choose to. So join Jillian each week and learn from top doctors, athletes, entrepreneurs, scientists, and more.

Best Episodes of Keeping It Real: Conversations with Jillian Michaels:

Dealing with Cultural Stigmas, with Professor Roy Richard Grinker

ROY RICHARD GRINKER, professor of anthropology and international affairs at George Washington University, and author of the book,Nobody’s Normal: How Culture Created the Stigma of Mental Illnessjoins Jillian to discuss how culture contributes to the stigma of obesity, mental illness, and homophobia. Plus, we look at howmental illness is viewed in other nations, and how society and environment can be part of the solution.We also cover how parents can pass on trauma to a baby through epigenetics and what we can do about it. Guest Links: Twitter: @roygrinker Websites: [] ( [] ( For 25% off The Fitness App by Jillian Michaels, go to [] ( Follow us on Instagram @JillianMichaels and @MartiniCindy Jillian Michaels Community: Email your questions to You can find new episodes of Keeping It Real: Conversations with Jillian Michaels, completely ad free, on Wondery+ [] ( See Privacy Policy at [] ( and California Privacy Notice at [] ( . ... Read more

29 Nov 2021



29 Nov 2021

Life is Short with Justin Long

Since Apr 2019

146 Episodes

New episodes come out every Tuesday for free, with ad-free episodes available for Wondery+ subscribers. Is it just me or is time flying by? How do we make the most out of our short time here on Earth? That’s what we’re here to find out. I’m Justin Long and I’ve been an actor for most of my life, so I’m used to getting inside the heads of the characters I play. But now that I’m getting older (I’m 43 now, yikes), I want to peek inside the heads of real people to learn how they find meaning in life. I’m also very curious what their favorite snack food is, and what emoji they use most often — ya know, the REALLY important stuff. Every episode I’ll get personal with all kinds of people, from actors to musicians to deep thinkers who fascinate me. My brother Christian is on hand each episode to keep me honest, and occasionally remind me about some of the embarrassing things I’ve done over the years. Join us, or if you have more important things to do, that’s okay too — life is short!

Best Episodes of Life is Short with Justin Long:

Alan Cumming 🦄

Alan Cumming (Spy Kids, Golden Eye) and Justin discuss Alan’s relationship with Tonka the chimp, the nuances that surround his Scottish identity, and Alan shares a story about his first encounter with acclaimed director, Stanley Kubrick. Alan’s new book, Baggage, is available everywhere starting 10/26. Listen ad free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad free listening. Available in the Wondery App. [] ( Please support us by supporting our sponsors! Caliper CBD -Get 30% off Caliper’s all-natural, flavored Swiftstick Variety Packs when you use promo codeLong30at [] ( See Privacy Policy at [] ( and California Privacy Notice at [] ( . ... Read more

30 Nov 2021

1 HR 35 MINS

1h 35m

30 Nov 2021