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The show that brings Christian women from all backgrounds together as award-winning authors Alana Terry and Jaime Hampton discuss what it means to be a woman of prayer in the 21st century. Whether you’re brand new to the faith or have been a believer for decades, the Praying Christian Women podcast brings you biblical encouragement and inspiration (as well as an abundance of practical tips and easy-to-implement suggestions) to deepen your prayer life.

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233 Engaging Kids in Faith and Prayer with Valerie Ellis

Find out what your unique prayer personality is (and receive prayer tips tailor made for you!) at [] ( today! In this week's

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For the second-guessers, the chronically hesitant, or anyone who suffers from decision fatigue, best-selling author and host Emily P. Freeman helps create a little space for your soul to breathe so you can discern your next right thing in love. Because out of the thousands of decisions you make everyday, chances are a few of them threaten to keep you up at night. If you're in a season of transition, waiting, general fogginess or if you've ever searched "how to make a decision" on the internet, listen in.

Best Episodes of The Next Right Thing:


251: Why Sabbath is For Everyone with Ruth Haley Barton

Today I'm glad to welcome Ruth Haley Barton to the podcast to talk about an important and often misunderstood spiritual practice: sabbath. Ruth has spent over 20 years as a student, a practitioner and

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Calling all 20-something ladies! Are you struggling to find your purpose & passions? Trying to navigate this crazy time of life of constant change? Are you looking for wisdom and direction from older & wiser women who have been there, done that? Emma Koch, host of the Water with Lemon podcast, will take you episode by episode through different topics that Christian women desire to grow in and learn more about. She interviews older women, men, and even fellow twenty somethings to talk about this crazy time of life!Join me as we dive in to the real & the raw, the uncomfortable, & the messy.

Best Episodes of Water with Lemon:


Fix Your Eyes with Amy Gannett | Ep. 98

Amy Gannett joins us on the podcast to discuss theology and the delight it is to grow in our love and knowledge of the Lord. She encourages us to know the Lord through His Word and gives tips to get s

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Christian author and speaker Annie F. Downs shares with you some of her favorite things: new books, faith conversations, restaurants, travel stories, musicians not to miss, interviews with friends. Pretty much, if it sounds fun to Annie, you're gonna hear about it.

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Episode 423: We The Kingdom on Healing, Friendship, and Authenticity

It's a podcast party! The ENTIRE band from [We The Kingdom] ( is in the studio today and I could not be.more.excited. Y'ALL this conversation...actually changed my life

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The Healthy Christian Women podcast exists to support, encourage and empower Christian women to live their best and healthiest life -- in mind, body and spirit. Our true health is not defined by a dress size or a number on the scale. God's beautiful design for our lives encompasses our whole being. Join Doctor of Physical Therapy, Motivational Speaker and Health and Life Coach, Dr. Melody, as she speaks God's Word of truth over your life and imparts practical and actionable wisdom for healthy living. A healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy spirit lead to bigger impact for God's glory.

Best Episodes of The Healthy Christian Women Podcast:


S04 E010: Plant Based Thriving with Chris Wark

What started as a plant-based pivot to heal his own cancer, turned into a [passion project] ( helping others around the globe do the same. Chris' experience with the cancer

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Coffee and Bible Time is a podcast for Christian people to be encouraged and grow in their faith. Ashley, Taylor, and Mentor Mama are founders of the Coffee and Bible Time ministry which started on YouTube. Their passion is to help inspire people to delight in God's word.

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Season 4 Ep. 43 - Feeling Empty? Try These Words and Actions that Feed Your Soul w/ Guest Aaron Damiani

Today we are going to be talking about “Stability in a Time of Chaos.” Our culture’s rapid pace of change leaves many of us feeling bewildered and defensive. Our guest today, Aaron Damiani, author of

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The Happy Hour Podcast is hosted by Jamie Ivey, and each week she brings a guest to the show. During the happy hour they will discuss anything and everything just as if you were around the table with your own girlfriends. Jamie loves to connect with women and encourage them as they journey through life. These conversations will make you laugh and cry all in one. The Happy Hour will be something you look forward to each week. You will be encouraged as you listen to other women talk about the simplest things in life to the grandest. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the conversation!

Best Episodes of The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey:


HH# 536 Boundaries for our souls with Dr. Alison Cook

We are continuing on in our new Boundaries series and it just keeps getting better! Today on the show is my friend, Dr. Alison Cook. Alison is a psychologist, has her own private practice, writes, coa

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Welcome to a whole new way of doing life! If you are ready to get unstuck, say goodbye to wasted days, and feel your life adding up to something more—then you are in the right place! The Cultivate What Matters Podcast will help you uncover what truly matters in your life and give you the tools to start acting like it today. Whether you're feeling overwhelmed, lacking motivation, or simply looking for a little joy and delight, you'll find exactly what you need right here. We are so excited to walk alongside you! Whether you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or in need of some refreshing truth, you are in the right place!

Best Episodes of Cultivate What Matters:


039: What the heck are PowerSheets?

“What the heck are PowerSheets?!” is the number one question newcomers ask—and we’re excited to answer! Today we’re sharing why living intentionally is so important, how PowerSheets are different from