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First-hand witness encounters of the Strange and unexplained.The host Nik will take you head first down the rabbit hole in a refreshing and different podcast format. Witness accounts from everyday people from all over the world with uninterrupted monologues of their encounters. The phenomena that people experience that is shared on this show range from sightings of UFOs to traumatic alien abductions, the paranormal with scary heart stopping stories of ghosts, demons and the Occult. Accounts of crossing paths with Bigfoots, Sasquatches and all manor of dark entities that lurk in the woods and remote areas. Psychic abilities of Precognition, premonitions, remote viewing and the people who have been crossed to the other side with near death experiences. The encounters in this podcast will stay with you long after you have finished listening to it.Have you had an unusual experience you would like to share? Email: [] ( Podcast Website: [] (

Best Episodes of UFO Chronicles Podcast:

Ep.209 A Family Experience

To start 2023 off, our first guest of the year is Jade in Arizona, who will be sharing an experience she remembers from the early 1980s, involving a strange night followed by men in hazmat suits aroun

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Bringing you up to date news, interviews and guests from around the world of UFOs, UAP & connected phenomena

Best Episodes of That UFO Podcast:

January Preview Pod

Andy is here to preview the upcoming shows this month, announcing the first guests of 2023 & reviews to come! Spotify listeners can now access premium content here >

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The paranormal comedy podcast from two former MIB’s who asked too many questions. Kevin the Grey and Granville Moonwalker take it in turns each and every Thursday to present a real-life paranormal incident to the other in the hope of convincing humanity that the supernatural exists, or making each other laugh. Each week, the co-host has no idea what’s coming up and the show is ended by deciding whether the events discussed, really were paranormal. #Probe

Best Episodes of But It Was Aliens:

Gimping Ain’t Easy - The Sh*tcrawler

The extraterrestrial comedy podcast where we probe an alien gimp-like creature aka a gimp aka The North Somerset Gimp. Is the Somerset area of England in the United Kingdom being visited by extraterre

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Somewhere in the Skies is a weekly podcast covering UFOs, culture, and the extraordinary world we live in. Hosted by author and television host, Ryan Sprague, and journalist, Chrissy Newton, the podcast covers past and present UFO news, audio docs, and special guest interviews. Join Ryan and Chrissy and theirs guests as they try to make sense of the mysteries that lay somewhere in the skies. New episodes every Monday. Learn more at Support this show [] ( . Hosted on Acast. See <a style='color:grey;' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer' href=''></a> for more information.

Best Episodes of Somewhere in the Skies:

A70: A Scottish UFO Abduction

On episode 298 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, we explore the 1992 alien abduction case of Garry Woods and Colin Wright. While traveling down the A70 road in Scotland, they would encounter a saucer-shaped

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**Attention** Please tap follow or subscribe in your podcast app to make sure you get the newest releases. This show will be for those that are truly open to a mind-expanding experience. You'll be taken on a journey with top scientists, journalists and researchers that dare to look way beyond the edges of our known reality to analyze these extraordinary events. Join KTown as she discusses subjects surrounding real paranormal activity, unbelievable UFO phenomena, sinister secret societies, mysterious time slips, powerful ancient artifacts, terrifying creature encounters, shocking conspiracies, gruesome serial killers, unexplainable disappearances, supernatural places and much more! We release new episodes often so make sure you hit the follow or subscribe button so you’ll never miss one. Are you ready? Just tap the follow or subscribe icon so you never miss an episode or by tapping the "plus" icon in the top right corner on Apple Podcasts. Mysterious Radio is proudly produced by an independent podcast team.  

Best Episodes of Mysterious Radio: Paranormal, UFO & Lore Interviews:

Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness

My special guest is author Alex Marcoux here to discuss her new book about humanity ascending to another plan of existence. [Get her book Destination New Earth - A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness on Ama

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Come along as we examine UFO sightings, conspiracies, and all things strange.

Best Episodes of Alien Conspiracy Podcast:

CH15 16 The flying Saucers Are Real by Donald Keyhoe

Chapter 15 was really short, so I read 16 as well. Then Ether made me go out for lunch, so I didn't get a chance to read another. But, we're getting into the home stretch! Pretty exciting stuff!   You

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The History Channel's Ancient Aliens is a divisive show, to say the least, but science (and sci-fi) obsessed nerds, Steve & Joey, are exploring each episode of everyone’s favorite show about Ancient Astronaut Theory with equal parts love and well as the quirky researchers and experts that evangelize it. What has mainstream science debunked about Ancient Aliens in the years since it premiered? And what mysterious aspects of humanity’s origins are still best explained by theorists like Georgios Tsoukalos, Erich von Daniken, and the rest of this passionate crew of explorers?

Best Episodes of Probing Ancient Aliens:

(PATREON PEEK) 'Moment Of Contact' Spoilercast and Review Discussion

(Taking off tonight for New Years! Hope everyone had a great holiday!) [Original Patreon Description] A new documentary about the 1996 "Roswell of Brazil" incident is out. Is it worth a Brazilian Butt

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A weekly Podcast about all things alien, spiritual, metaphysical, ufo, conspiracy & more. We are both experiencers, but didn’t share that with each other until 8 years had past. Oddly enough, it was at the exact same point in time. Which led us down a path of discovering the layers of the UFO and abduction phenomenon. We were fascinated that such an experience caused us to keep a secret from each other, without knowing the other was going through the same high strangeness. That further sent us down the rabbit hole of realizing the effects this phenomenon can have on a person's mind, body, and soul. That was the catalyst for starting our podcast. We are on a mission to further normalize the subject. We joke around, get side tracked by songs, may be inappropriate, but we are informative and educated on the entire ufo subject. Ultimately we are just keeping it real. If this sounds like your vibe, come vibe in our tribe.