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157 Episodes, the is the most iconic Michigan Wolverines fan site and magazine. Led by an experienced and uber-talented team of Michigan Wolverine sports and recruiting insiders, fans will have unparalleled access to breaking news, inside scoop and analysis.

Best Episodes of The Wolverine Podcast:

Michigan Hot Topics: Caleb Houstan Situation, Defensive Ends, 2023 Draft Prospects's Clayton Sayfie and Anthony Broome weigh in on Michigan Wolverines football and basketball hot topics. Beginning with Caleb Houstan, who declined his NBA Draft Combine invite, and mo

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The Michigan Insider is combining all three of its podcasts, The Wolverine247 podcast, The Michigan Recruiting Insider, and the Michigan Basketball Insider into one mega-podcast. All your Michigan podcast needs in one place.

Best Episodes of The Michigan Insider:

Michigan basketball offseason check-in: Assessing the Wolverines' roster following latest round of decisions

In this episode, Zach Shaw and Steve Lorenz check in on the Michigan men’s basketball team following the transfer portal deadline, and take a look at where the Wolverines stand. They begin with an ass

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This podcast is brought to you by the Michigan Municipal League. Each week, we showcase insightful interviews on city innovations and politics, delve into the challenges of local government finance, share our members' amazing accomplishments, and take a fresh look at stories in the League's magazine.

Best Episodes of We Love Where You Live:

Live with the League - Bipartisan Federal Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act - November 15, 2021

Host: Matt Bach, Asst. Director, Strategic Communications, Michigan Municipal League On this episode of Live with the League we discuss the bipartisan federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act re

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MGoBlog's channel featuring the very professional, very visual, podcast with Brian Cook, Seth Fisher, Ace Anbender, and David Nasternak, plus The Teams history podcast with Seth and Dr. Sap, The Ace Pod, The Michigan Hockeycast, the MGoBlog Roundtable on WTKA.

Best Episodes of MGoBlog: The MGoPodcast:

WTKA Roundtable 5/12/2022: Put That Beer Under Your Coats!

Things discussed: ---Some people on this podcast have never seen Brady Bunch, or Seinfeld, or both! ---Long NIL discussion: The NCAA is in "We gotta do something" mode but have no ability to actually

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THE place for opinion and analysis of the leaders and the best, the guts-and-glue of the Maize-and-Blue, and the Victors Valiant -- The Michigan Wolverines.

Best Episodes of Michigan Podcast:

The Wolverines Are MORE Talented Than the Buckeyes!? | Michigan Podcast #197

Steve discusses his most up-to-date Team Total Talent Ratings, and Mark Rogers has a few nits to pick.

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You love Michigan football or just want to listen to somebody who does. This is the podcast for you

Best Episodes of Michigan Maniacs Podcast:

Reaction Episode: 〽️🏈 Spring Game

I give my unfiltered reaction to the spring game --- Send in a voice message:

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The Michigan Man Podcast is produced for die hard Wolverine fans. The show will include weekly interviews with Michigan Bloggers and other special guests. The center piece of the show will be fan feedback. We want fans to phone in audio posts, and email their comments, rants...whatever is on their mind regarding Michigan athletics. The Podcast format will evolve in the coming months. Initially we will have four segments. 1) The View from section 17 - Commentary from host Mike Fitzpatrick 2) Weekly guest interviews. 3) Post game notes and scores focusing on Wolverine Football, Basketball, and hockey. 4) Fan Feedback - Audio posts from fans who want their opinion heard, or would like to comment on topics from earlier shows. email: Listener Line: 313 263-4842

Best Episodes of The Michigan Man Podcast:

The Michigan Man Podcast - Episode 658 - Football recruiting news with Steve Lorenz from 247Sports

Many are surprised the class of 2023 is not off to a better start. My guest today says there are valid reasons why we have struggled thus far. With me this week is recruiting analyst Steve Lorenz from

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That's What They Say is a weekly segment on Michigan Radio that explores our changing language. Each week University of Michigan English Professor Anne Curzan will discuss why we say what we say with Michigan Radio Weekend Edition host Rebecca Kruth.

Best Episodes of That's What They Say:

TWTS: Exploiting pronunciation variants to break down "exploitative"

When something or someone exploits other things or people, we can say they’re “exploitive," “exploitative” or “exploitative.” Yeah, two of these look identical, but trust us, they sound different.

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Talking Michigan football, basketball, recruiting and anything else that Wolverine fans need to hear.

Best Episodes of The Wolverine Digest Pod:

Ep. 116: Frankie Collins Transferring, Basketball Rumblings, NFL Draft Recap

Because of recent buzz it didn't really surprise, but the news that Frankie Collins is transferring from Michigan still stinks. The explosive freshman looked to be the favorite to win the starting poi