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Broadcasting Behind Enemy Lines

Broadcasting Behind Enemy Lines



Mormonism LIVE: 103: Thomas Murphy on the Third Convention

As a follow-up to episode 101 on the Third Convention, Thomas Murphy joins us to add clarity and context to all the ground we covered and to add details that make this story even more interesting. RESOURCES: [The First Part – Video Version – https://youtu.be/Gmjk3Kht0S8] (https://youtu.be/Gmjk3Kht0S8) [Slide Show used by Prof Murphy in this episode – https://mormondiscussionpodcast.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2022/11/Third-Convention_-Other-Stories.pdf] (https://mormondiscussionpodcast.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2022/11/Third-Convention_-Other-Stories.pdf) [Thomas W Murphy | Edmonds Community College – Academia.edu] (https://edcc.academia.edu/ThomasMurphy) [Reinventing Mormonism: Guatemala as Harbinger of the Future? – Dialogue Journal] (https://www.dialoguejournal.com/articles/reinventing-mormonism-guatemala-as-harbinger-of-the-future/) [Zapotec Natural History | UAPress (arizona.edu)] (https://uapress.arizona.edu/book/a-zapotec-natural-history) [(PDF) ‘Stronger than Ever’: Remnants of the Third Convention. | Thomas W Murphy – Academia.edu] (https://www.academia.edu/10977841/Stronger_than_Ever_Remnants_of_the_Third_Convention) [(PDF) Fifty Years of United Order in Mexico | Thomas W Murphy – Academia.edu] (https://www.academia.edu/10978669/Fifty_Years_of_United_Order_in_Mexico) [(PDF) From Racist Stereotype to Ethnic Identity: Instrumental Uses of Mormon Racial Doctrine | Thomas W Murphy – Academia.edu] (https://www.academia.edu/11245154/From_Racist_Stereotype_to_Ethnic_Identity_Instrumental_Uses_of_Mormon_Racial_Doctrine) [(PDF) Other Mormon Histories: Lamanite Subjectivity in Mexico. | Thomas W Murphy – Academia.edu] (https://www.academia.edu/10367152/Other_Mormon_Histories_Lamanite_Subjectivity_in_Mexico) [(PDF) Lamanite Genesis, Genealogy, and Genetics | Thomas W Murphy – Academia.edu] (https://www.academia.edu/11588731/Lamanite_Genesis_Genealogy_and_Genetics) [(PDF) Decolonization on the Salish Sea: A Tribal Journey back to Mormon Studies | Thomas W Murphy – Academia.edu] (https://www.academia.edu/44884474/Decolonization_on_the_Salish_Sea_A_Tribal_Journey_back_to_Mormon_Studies) [The Spiritual Evolution of Margarito Bautista – Elisa Eastwood Pulido – Oxford University Press (oup.com)] (https://global.oup.com/academic/product/the-spiritual-evolution-of-margarito-bautista-9780190942106?cc=us&lang=en&) [Dr Elisa Pulido discusses Margarito Baustista, Nahua Mormon, with Dr Thomas Murphy – YouTube] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hctIWtrYrWs) [The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Mexico | SpringerLink] (https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-030-52616-0_13) [Unboxing the Fernando R. and Enriqueta Gomez Mormon Mexican History Collection (Exhibit Extended!) – The Claremont Colleges Library] (https://library.claremont.edu/news/unboxing-the-fernando-r-and-enriqueta-gomez-mormon-mexican-history-collection/) [NEH Summer Institutes Program – Claremont Mormon Studies (cgu.edu)] (https://mormonstudies.cgu.edu/events/neh-summer-institutes-program/) [Conferences – Mormon Studies – The University of Utah] (https://mormon.utah.edu/conferences.php) [(PDF) An Insufficient Canon: Popol Wuj, Book of Mormon, and Other Neophyte Scriptures | Thomas W Murphy – Academia.edu] (https://www.academia.edu/90390510/An_Insufficient_Canon_Popol_Wuj_Book_of_Mormon_and_Other_Neophyte_Scriptures) ... Read more

25 Nov 2022

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25 Nov 2022


Radio Free Mormon: 258: The Unreasonable Elder Bednar, Part 1

Elder David Bednar recently completed a landmark address in two parts, seeking to defend the LDS Church against its critics. RFM is joined by the Backyard Professor in breaking down the first part of Elder Bednar’s talk titled, “That Ye May Believe.” After deconstructing Elder Bednar’s talk, a better title might be, “That Ye May NOT Believe.” ... Read more

24 Nov 2022

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24 Nov 2022


Mormonism LIVE: 102: The Greatest Problem In The LDS Church

What is the greatest problem in the LDS Church? That question is at the heart of this week’s episode. Jim Bennett is our guest this week on Mormonism LIVE, as we explore this question and some of the territory surrounding it. ... Read more

17 Nov 2022

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17 Nov 2022


Mormonism LIVE: 101: The Third Convention

Apostasy is something the LDS Church show serious concern over. And why shouldn’t they knowing James Strang, Lorin C. Wooley, Denver Snuffer, Julie Rowe all have led Splinter Factions of one sort or another that have had influence over segments of Latter-day Saints. The idea that a few voices or even a single voice can sway large groups of people into disaffection has the Brethren always on guard. But often the heart of the issue is the lack of listening on the part of the Leaders themselves who can in fact be their own worst enemy. We dive into one such story where LDS Leadership and those they call to preside often become their very own stumbling block as we discuss “The Third Convention”. Rey Lucero Pratt  ---Born October 11 1878 PRATT’S PARENTS =============== ---Pratt was born in Salt Lake City, Utah Territory, the fourth child of Helaman Pratt and Emmeline Victoria Billingsley Pratt. ---When Rey was nine, the Pratts moved to Mexico to help settle Colonia Dublán, a Mormon colony in the northern state of Chihuahua. His father was settling in Mexico to escape being prosecuted by the United States federal government for practicing polygamy (Note to the audience that Helaman is a polygamist and has more than one wife). Rey grew up in Mexico, learning to appreciate its history and people. ---Somewhere along the way he and at least some of his siblings became mexican citizens REY PRATT & ORSON F WHITNEY & Hyrum Harris ========================================== ---Apostle Orson F. Whitney set Pratt apart as a missionary on 4 October 1906. On 1 November, Pratt arrived by train in Mexico City and reported to the mission home. He served for nearly a year under mission president Hyrum S. Harris, during which time he presided over the Toluca conference for seven months. Then, on 25 August 1907, Harris announced that Pratt would replace him as president of the Mexican Mission. Pratt was set apart by Harris on 29 September and the Pratts moved to Mexico City shortly thereafter. ---Pratt started as president of the Mexican mission in 1907. Church membership in Mexico more than doubled during Pratt’s first six years as mission president. By 1911, over a thousand church members lived in the Mexican Mission. THE CRISTERO REBELLION ====================== [ Cristero Rebellion, a peasant uprising from 1926 to 1929, pushed Mexico to the brink of political chaos. The Cristeros generally saw the conflict as a religious war against the anticlericalism of the Mexican government. This anticlericalism originated in northern Mexico, where North American-style entrepreneurs, Protestant converts, and ambitious politicians built a movement to transform their traditionally Catholic nation into a center of secular economic expansion. The movement’s leading proponent, Plutarco Elías Calles (president of Mexico, 1924–1928), placed rigid regulations on the church, including required registration of priests and the closing of church schools. The church responded with a strike—the cessation of religious services—which caused a panic among the faithful. In Jalisco and the surrounding states of central Mexico, this panic sparked a peasant rebellion. Government claims that the rebels were superstitious tools of scheming priests were largely propaganda. Only about 45 of the 3,600 priests in Mexico supported the rebellion. The Cristeros were indigenous and mestizo peasants whose motives for rebellion were mixed. Most acted to defend their faith against an expansive secular state, while others seized the opportunity to demand more extensive land reform] – [https://www.encyclopedia.com/humanities/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/cristero-rebellion] (https://www.encyclopedia.com/humanities/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/cristero-rebellion) ---The Cristero rebellion of 1926 had disrupted the religious atmosphere in Mexico for nine years and forced all foreign clergy out of Mexico. (The rebellion was instigated as a response to an executive decree by Mexican President Plutarco Elías Calles to strictly enforce Article 130 of the Constitution, a decision known as Calles Law. Calles sought to eliminate the power of the Catholic Church in Mexico, its affiliated organizations and to suppress popular religiosity.) ---However, Mexico’s political climate gradually worsened. Porfirio Diaz, Mexico’s longtime dictator, lost control of the government and revolution ensued. Shortly after serious fighting began in Mexico City in 1913, the church’s First Presidency authorized the Pratts and the American missionaries to return to the United States. The Pratts moved to Salt Lake City in September 1913. Two years later, the First Presidency again instructed the Pratts to move, this time to Manassa, Colorado, and establish missionary work among Mexicans in the United States. After five years, in November 1918, church leaders moved the mission headquarters to El Paso, Texas, making it closer to the center of the vast mission territory. In March 1921, Pratt reopened missionary work in Mexico with eight missionaries. In November, jurisdiction of the Juárez Stake in Chihuahua was transferred to the Mexican Mission. This made Pratt president of all the church’s Spanish-speaking organizations. He continued to expand the mission, opening up work in southern California in 1924 and establishing a Los Angeles branch. ---What this means for the Mormons is that their connection to Salt Lake is partially severed. The mexican Saints have no direct liaison to Salt Lake outside of mail and they must lead themselves inside the country. Rey Pratt the sort of local (As he had lived in Mexico off and on since he was 9 and had Mexican Citizenship) serving as the Mission President is the highest ranking leader they will have direct contact with for a almost a decade. And Rey seems to be well respected and manages keeping the Church there on track and growing. LOCAL LEADERSHIP ================ MAP === ---Rey L. Pratt was a much loved mission president. When Pratt was assigned in 1924 to help open the Church’s mission in Argentina, (next Slide 7) he appointed Isaias Juarez to preside over the central Mexican District, with Abel Paez and Bernabe Parra as his counselors. These three men maintained stability and confidence in the small branches in Mexico. The branches survived their isolation from Salt Lake City and some even flourished. But much of the Church members and leader’s stability depended on Rey Pratt’s guidance and direction. ---Pratt was also responsible for creating a new translation of the Book of Mormon into Spanish; he also translated many of the hymns of the church into Spanish. EY PRATT (Death) ================ ---Disaster struck on April 14, 1931 following an operation for an intestinal rupture (appendicitis) and Rey L. Pratt died in Salt Lake City. Antoine Ridgeway Ivins ====================== ---Antoine Ridgeway Ivins was appointed to replace Rey Pratt. Ivins showed no interest in his new appointment. For nearly a year he never paid a visit to Mexico nor did he communicate with the leaders or members there. The Mexican Saints get together (The first Convention) and request the Church do something about the lack of leadership they are getting from Salt Lake and wished for a native born leader. The fact that they received no support nor a response to their petition for a native born mission leader increased the chasm. (He wasn’t lazy, just didn’t prioritize the Mexican Saints) Antoine Ivins and Melvin J Ballard ================================== ---Finally in the spring of 1932, nearly a year after his appointment as Mexican mission president, Antoine R. Ivins traveled with Elder Melvin J. Ballard to Mexico to meet with the petitioning Mexican Mormons (I believe this trip was in response to what is now understood as the 2nd Convention). IVINS AND JUAREZ ================ ---Ivins approached the situation aggressively. He reprimanded the members for their assertiveness in sending a petition to Salt Lake City. President Antoine Ivins returned to the United States and left them alone once again. A silent arrangement between President Ivins and President Isaias Juarez continued through the end of Ivins term in 1934. Harold Wilcken Pratt ==================== ---The Cristero rebellion of 1926 had disrupted the religious atmosphere in Mexico for nine years and forced all foreign clergy out of Mexico. The ensuing isolation of the Mexican Mormon leaders from Church headquarters in Salt Lake City resulted in an understandable independence among them. Twice during Ivins serving as Mission President, the Mexican Saints had petitioned Church Headquarters to call a Mexican Citizen as Mission President ---Seeing they have a mess on their hands the Church releases Antoine Ivins in 1934 and calls Rey Pratt’s half brother Harold Wilcken Pratt as the new Mexican Mission President.   While Pratt had lived stateside most of his life he was born in Mexico July 16th 1899 and had served a mission in Mexico 1921-1923.  Besides that he is Rey Pratt’s half brother.  With that mustache what could go wrong? ------Harold Wilcken Pratt [son of Helaman Pratt and Bertha Wilcken Pratt] was called to preside over the Mexican mission on January 1934 as clergy had recently been re-admitted into Mexico by the Mexican government. He presided for two and a half years from El Paso while he simultaneously continued to serve as counselor in the Juarez Stake Presidency.] Harold Pratt along with Abel Paez and Margarito Bautista (Valencia) =================================================================== ---The Mexican Saints independence away from Salt Lake’s Church Leadership and having a defunct Mission President in Ivins who failed to connect the local Saints to SLC’s Church Leadership, along with strong feelings of nationalism and ethnic pride persuaded several local leaders in and around Mexico City, to organize. Soon after news of Harold W. Pratt’s appointment reached Mexico City, Abel Páez, first counselor in the Mexican district presidency, was at work. Spurred on by his uncle, Margarito Bautista (Valencia), he summoned the Saints to a crisis conference now called the Third Convention. Who is Margarito Bautista ========================= ---Born in Mexico 1878 June 10, he converted to the Church Nov 10th 1901 in what he describes as a very spiritual experience. He has his conversion show up Stateside in the Improvement Era. [Margarito Bautista was one of the most articulate members of the Church in Mexico. Bautista, a member for many years, was an experienced leader in the Church and was an ordained high priest. He had known and admired Rey L. Pratt. Bautista was an uncommonly literate man and a gifted orator who had worked to educate himself, studying English and living for many years in Salt Lake City, where he taught the Spanish-American branch’s Gospel Doctrine class in Sunday School. He had observed Church government over a number of years and had done ordinance work in the Salt Lake Temple. Like many temple workers, Bautista had become an expert genealogist. After 1934 he was back in Mexico helping the Mexican Saints trace their ancestry. Bautista took to heart many Book of Mormon prophecies that speak of the rise of the Lamanites. An avid scriptorian, he agreed with Rey L. Pratt and numerous other leaders that Mexican history was inseparable from Lamanite history and that Book of Mormon promises were inseparable from both. Rey Pratt had often expressed this theology to the Mexican Saints, many of whom took great pride in their mighty Lamanite ancestors. Bautista, stimulated by Rey Pratt’s sentiments, decided to write a book correlating Book of Mormon teachings with the Old Testament. Pratt, who was anxious to see more literature become available to the Mexican members, encouraged Bautista. Even after Pratt’s death, Bautista persisted, completing his manuscript in 1934.] (https://byustudies.byu.edu/article/a-shepherd-to-mexicos-saints-arwell-l-pierce-and-the-third-convention/) Isaias Juarez (District President) who was part of the first two Conventions is apprehensive about the preparations for this 3rd Convention =========================================================================================================================================== ---“Sensing his people’s mood, Isaias Juárez, president of the mission’s Mexican district, was alarmed by their preparations for the Third Convention. He could see the implications perhaps better than anyone, having struggled through nine years and many storms to lead the mission. Juárez had learned to read the pulse of the Mexican Saints accurately. He knew this would be no simple petition; quite a few Mexican Mormons were determined to settle for nothing less than a Mexican leader, however unusual even odd, such a demand was for Mormons, whose authorities are always appointed from above, never “selected” by the congregation. Juárez also sensed accurately the mood of the authorities in Salt Lake City, he knew there would be no Mexican mission president forthcoming. The church, he reasoned, would not succumb to pressure politics, and he foresaw an unfortunate and inevitable clash.” Juarez comes up against Paez ============================ ---Isaias Juarez siding with the Church tried to dissuade Abel Paez out of confronting the Brethren in Salt Lake. Juárez was no passive fence-sitter. Having taken a position against the Third Convention, he then tried to soothe and persuade the Mexican Saints. Finally he issued a circular letter explaining that the meeting was unauthorized and out of order and that those who participated in it would be considered rebellious and therefore run the risk of excommunication. He contacted Harold Pratt posthaste and tried to sensitize him to the impending trouble and its roots. He met repeatedly with Abel Paez, trying to dissuade him. Paez waffling ============= ---Juarez at first convinced Paez to call of his confrontation with Salt Lake but Paez returned to his position after speaking to Margarito Bautista The Third Convention ==================== ---The Third Convention convened on 26 April 1936. An observer was sent to take notes for Presidents Juárez and Pratt who did not attend. The Conventionists quickly decided that the Salt Lake City leaders had misunderstood their previous requests. Even though Harold Pratt had come from the Mormon colonies and was a Mexican citizen, he was not one by blood and race and certainly not one culturally. The Saints’ new petition was intended to convey their desire for a president who was Mexican by blood and spirit (de raza y sangre). Reasoning that the church’s General Authorities might not be aware of qualified Mexican members, the Third Convention decided to nominate a candidate. They considered several men, including Narciso Sandoval and Margarito Bautista. In the end, however, the convention settled on Abel Páez. They did not intend to demand Páez’s appointment but rather to clearly inform the Salt Lake City authorities that qualified Mexicans were available. After making their main decision, the Conventionists strengthened their petition in two ways. 1st wanting their leaders to recognize their intense seriousness, they agreed to gather signatures for the petition. 2nd, the Conventionists authorized a commission composed of Abel Páez, Narciso Sandoval, and Enrique González to travel to Salt Lake City and personally present the petition and supporting documents to the Mormon church’s General Authorities. Its business concluded, the Third Convention then adjourned.” Observer reports back ===================== ---When the Observer reported back to Harold Pratt and Isaias Juarez that Paez had gone through with the convention and relayed the outcome, Isaias Juárez wept hearing that his counselor of many years had betrayed him. “Harold Pratt realized that the Mexican brethren would soon implement their decisions. Seeking to prevent that, Pratt immediately contacted Abel Páez. They set a meeting for 30 April, the Thursday following the convention.” The Meeting =========== ---On the appointed day Abel Páez met with Pratt, Juárez, and Bernabé Parra, the second counselor in the district presidency. After a long discussion, the men agreed on four points: 1st, Páez would terminate the Third Convention’s activities, including the gathering of signatures for the petition. Moreover, Páez would thereafter take no unilateral action on any matter without the district presidency’s consent, a hallowed leadership practice within the Mormon faith. 2nd, to show their unity and harmony, the four leaders- Páez, Juárez, Parra, and Pratt, would together visit all the local branches. Third, each would send a separate report of the Third Convention to the First Presidency of the Church. Fourth, all would prepare to visit Salt Lake City soon to discuss the Mexicans’ feelings and desires with the General Authorities. The upcoming October general conference was set as a tentative date for the trip. Bur Pratt and Juarez Broke their Agreement ========================================== ---Páez was to be disappointed. As the district presidency visited the various branches, Pratt and Juárez seemed to equivocate on their position. Pratt said that he alone would take the petition to Salt Lake City at conference time. Then, instead of assuring church members that Third Convention desires would be enacted through regular church channels, Juárez and Pratt made it increasingly clear that both the convention’s procedures and its goals were out of order. They suggested that Páez and his colleagues were wolves among the Lord’s sheep and warned all members against listening to them. Mainline Mexican Mormons, approximately two-thirds of the membership, had made their anti-Third-Convention opinions known to Juárez and Parra, and no doubt Pratt had received communications on the issue from Salt Lake City. In any case, Conventionists were incensed. They wondered how Páez could believe that Pratt would do anything but present the Third Convention’s case negatively. ---With Pratt and Juarez having broke the agreement and called out Paez and others as being in apostasy, Paez had no choice but to feel tricked and betrayed. Also Harold Pratt seemed to lose what little trust he had left with a significant number of the Mexican Saints. Paez felt he had little choice but to move forward with the original Third Convention’s ruling The Aftermath ============= ---Almost One Third of the Mexican Saints disaffect. Salt Lake in turn moved forward with Pratt as the Mission President and 2000 of the mexican saints remained with the mainline faith in spite of many of them sharing frustration with Pratt and the Church generally. ---The Third Conventionists maintained belief in Salt Lake’s Leadership and continued at least early on practicing Mainline orthodox Mormonism. But simply waited on Salt Lake to meet their demands. J Reuben Clark Letter ===================== ---In November of 1936 the First Presidency formally responded. J. Reuben Clark, Jr.,a member of the First Presidency and former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico prepared a carefully written letter to be read in all the congregations. Within, Clark declared that the people who signed the convention’s petition were entirely out of order; that the mission president was not the representative of the members to the president of the church but of the president to the people, and that this representative should therefore be acquainted with all the church procedures in order to prevent disorder and disruption; that none of the church’s missions were presided over by any other than men from the bosom of the church; that if the president of the church ever felt so inspired he would appoint one of their number to preside over them; that Mexicans had an unusual number of their own people in responsible positions anyway; that the Mexicans were not exclusively (among Mormons) of the blood of Israel, and that both Mexicans and North American Mormons were from the same family (that of Joseph); that all of the Book of Mormon’s promises applied as well to one people as to another, and so on for fourteen typescript pages. ---But this doesn’t seem to fix the issue Salt Lake Tries Again though seemingly being tone deaf ====================================================== ---The First Presidency themselves learned quite soon that the letter had solved nothing. No doubt somewhat exasperated by this time, the authorities decided to send Antoine R. Ivins to Mexico one more time to attempt a reconciliation. Although Ivins was considered the church’s frontline expert on Mexico, his previous trips there had been largely unsuccessful because, as he perceived, the Mexican Mormons did not respect his authority (And Because he was an absent Leader). So Apostle George F. Richards, one of the senior members of the Council of the Twelve Apostles, was appointed to accompany Ivins. ---What Could Go Wrong? Outcome of that Visit ===================== ---Apostle George F Richards & Antoine R. Ivins never address the people and are put back on a train fearing they will be arrested by Mexican Officials. ---LDS Leaders misunderstood the 3rd Convention as imposing Paez be called rather than showing there were several worthy Mexican Nationals who potentially could be called and hence had a tone of distrust and misunderstanding and magnified the situation. ---The Church begin Disciplinary measures. On 6, 7, and 8 May 1937, courts were convened in San Pedro Mártir and the sentences handed down. Andres C. Gonzalez Jr. wrote that eight Conventionist leaders were excommunicated for rebellion (having worked against the mission authorities), insubordination (having completely disobeyed the orders of mission authorities), and apostasy (having failed to recognize the Mormon church’s authority). ---A Serious divide ensued between those loyal to the mainline Church and the third Conventionists. Distrust and bad mouthing persisted and eventually deep separation between the two groups followed. Hence an apostasy of ⅓ of the Mexican Saints What Happened to the Third Conventionists ========================================= ---They organized Sunday Schools, conducted sacrament meetings, established “Mutual Improvement Associations” (MIA, the church’s youth organization), and functioned very much like a normal Mormon congregation. Like the mainline church, they blessed infants, baptized children, and ordained men to the priesthood. ---Conventionist men and women were sent out as missionaries to “preach the word” to all who would listen. ---Constructed at least six new meetinghouses and, in accordance with Mormon custom, dedicated them to the Lord. ---Produced some religious literature, for example; a magazine entitled El Sendero Lamanita (The Lamanite Path), which contained articles such as “How the Gospel Came to Mexico” and “The Blessed Gentiles about which the Scriptures Speak,” and reports of various convention conferences and activities Efforts to bring them back into the fold ======================================== ---Finally the Church sees its hardline approach doesn’t work. And under George Albert Smith’s presidency the effort to love these saints and to show kindness and to interact with them in healthy ways begins to make headway Arwell Pierce ============= ---Arwell Pierce was a month short of being sixty years old when he entered Mexico as mission president. Given his age, some wondered if he would be up to the task of holding the Church together in Mexico, a challenge that had taxed a series of mission presidents beyond their capabilities. Actually, Pierce’s age may have worked in his favor; the problems in Mexico called for someone with patience, wisdom, insight, and compassion—characteristics frequently associated with maturity and possessed in good measure by President Pierce. ---Pierce’s assigned task was to bring Third Conventionists back to the fold. President David O. McKay had told him that “we don’t have a divided mission; we have a big family quarrel,” adding that “you are the Abraham Lincoln who must save this union.” ---Arwell Pierce observed that their reasons for apostasy were certainly not doctrinal, and yet Conventionists were outside the community of the Church. Studying the situation, he wondered how brotherhood could have decayed so completely. During the five years since the schism, the issues had become clouded, remembrances diffused or altered, and passions changed. Slowly and painstakingly, he put all his diplomatic skills to the task. Realizing that feelings had been hurt, he set out to heal those wounds. Although the Conventionist’s initial response was antagonism,that soon changed—first to respect and later to admiration, in part because Pierce met every travail with kindness and understanding. Pierce began by attending Third Convention meetings and conferences. Slowly and carefully, he introduced himself and built friendships with Third Convention members and leaders. He even tried to assist the Convention in its own programs, inviting its members to the mission home to pass on information from Salt Lake City, giving advice when asked, and distributing recently translated Church literature. And he talked with Abel Páez and his wife, also Othón Espinoza, Apolonio Arzate, Julio García, and even Margarito Bautista, all of whom had been principal leaders in the Third Convention. Always ready to listen and to understand, he extended personal hospitality and acceptance unconditionally. After weighing all that he had heard, Pierce concluded that the Third Convention problem could have been handled better. Given the circumstances, he even thought that some of the Convention’s complaints were justified. Although having an ethnic Mexican mission president was the Third Conventionists’ primary concern, they also wanted a building program for chapels, access to Church literature, and an opportunity for their young people to go on missions—all privileges that members in the U.S. had. They also wanted an educational system for their children like the system that the Anglo members had established in northern Mexico. Pierce realized that he did not object to the Conventionists’ goals, although one could legitimately wonder how programs to achieve them could possibly have been funded in the 1930s. On the other hand, he saw how the Third Conventionists’ methods for achieving their goals had brought them trouble. Pierce did not approve of the Third Convention’s rebellion and withdrawal from the Church. Because of his willingness to listen, however, disagreeing people, for the first time in nearly a decade, were discussing the issues rather than shouting about them. In the meantime, the Conventionists had generally maintained doctrinal integrity, had done a lot of proselyting in central Mexico, and had promoted much interest in the Book of Mormon. Given all of these factors, reunification was possible and desirable. So Pierce listened, argued, lectured, sympathized, persuaded, and worked long hours. He often told them “the brethren are willing to give you everything you want, but not the way you want it.” The Conventionists recognized him as a friend, its leaders even asking him to speak in Convention conferences. He did so, carefully honoring their confidence in the initial stages by avoiding sensitive issues, speaking instead on “neutral” subjects such as prayer. The Third Conventionists began to visit mainline Church meetings, and Pierce characteristically asked them to sit near the front whereas in years past, when Conventionists had visited a mainline branch, the seats would empty of mainline members as quickly as the Conventionists sat down. Finally, Páez began to soften and warm up to Pierce and started to think with cautious enthusiasm about reunification. They return to the fold ======================= ---Eventually 1200 Third Conventionists returned under George Albert Smith’s Leadership in 1946 ---Several members of the Third Convention were temporarily excommunicated by the LDS Church during the period in which it was active, although most of these were changed to the lesser punishment of disfellowshipment by President George Albert Smith in 1946, signaling a compromise. Rapprochement continued with President Smith’s visit to Mexico that year, resulting in most Third Conventionists returning to the fellowship of the LDS Church. One last loose end SIX NEW MEETING HOUSES? ========================================== ---Though scholars had believed the Third Convention movement had died out by the 1970s and ’80s, anthropologist Thomas W. Murphy located an active Third Conventionist community in Ozumba, Mexico in 1996. The group was situated in Colonia Industrial, founded in 1947 as the community of Margarito Bautista, a prominent Third Conventionist. As of 2011, there are 800 people living in Colonia Industrial, and all are members of a church officially named “El Reino de Dios en su Plenitud” (The Kingdom of God in its Fullness), though adherents preferred to call themselves “Mormons.” The group practiced plural marriage and communal principles of the law of consecration, and seemed to be moderately affluent. They were affiliated with the Apostolic United Brethren Mormon fundamentalist church, and saw Owen Allred as a prophet. ---Another Third Conventionist group about 300 strong, also rediscovered by Murphy in 1997, exists in San Gabriel Ometotztla, Puebla. It is called La Iglesia de los Santos de la Plenitud de los Tiempos (The Church of Jesus Christ of the Saints of the Fullness of Times). [SLIDE SHOW for this Episode – https://mormondiscussionpodcast.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2022/11/The-Third-Convention.pdf] (https://mormondiscussionpodcast.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2022/11/The-Third-Convention.pdf) RESOURCES: [https://abn.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/history/global-histories/mexico/stories-of-faith/mx-03-a-division-in-the-church?lang=eng] (https://abn.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/history/global-histories/mexico/stories-of-faith/mx-03-a-division-in-the-church?lang=eng) [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_Convention] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_Convention) [https://web.archive.org/web/20080907191615/http://www.orsonprattbrown.com/MexicanMission/third-convention.html] (https://web.archive.org/web/20080907191615/http://www.orsonprattbrown.com/MexicanMission/third-convention.html) [https://deliverypdf.ssrn.com/delivery.php?ID=130069006013112011119070120069002031034018053020030049097003103125124101002069088122020018034045018032097090109029113124110079044016056009084006119098002029102121123003034034024027067003069086126073078079091000110096123064119084011086021080095079125006&EXT=pdf&INDEX=TRUE] (https://deliverypdf.ssrn.com/delivery.php?ID=130069006013112011119070120069002031034018053020030049097003103125124101002069088122020018034045018032097090109029113124110079044016056009084006119098002029102121123003034034024027067003069086126073078079091000110096123064119084011086021080095079125006&EXT=pdf&INDEX=TRUE) [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Church_of_Jesus_Christ_of_Latter-day_Saints_in_Mexico] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Church_of_Jesus_Christ_of_Latter-day_Saints_in_Mexico) [https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/1972/09/mormons-in-mexico-the-first-96-years?lang=eng] (https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/1972/09/mormons-in-mexico-the-first-96-years?lang=eng) [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margarito_Bautista] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margarito_Bautista) [Photos of Bertha Wilcken Pratt] (https://jared.pratt-family.org/parley_family_histories/helaman-pratt/photos-bertha.html) [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rey_Pratt] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rey_Pratt) [https://mx.laiglesiadejesucristo.org/historia-de-la-iglesia-en-mexico/pioneros/narciso-sandoval] (https://mx.laiglesiadejesucristo.org/historia-de-la-iglesia-en-mexico/pioneros/narciso-sandoval) [http://www.latinamericanstudies.org/cristero-2.htm] (http://www.latinamericanstudies.org/cristero-2.htm) [https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/what-was-the-cristero-war.html] (https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/what-was-the-cristero-war.html) [http://jared.pratt-family.org/parley_family_histories/helaman-pratt/joseph-pratt.html] (http://jared.pratt-family.org/parley_family_histories/helaman-pratt/joseph-pratt.html) [https://history.churchofjesuschrist.org/chd/individual/margarito-bautista-1878?lang=eng] (https://history.churchofjesuschrist.org/chd/individual/margarito-bautista-1878?lang=eng) [http://labola.com.mx/la-bola-3/zapata-donde-se-unen-los-colores/] (http://labola.com.mx/la-bola-3/zapata-donde-se-unen-los-colores/) [https://www.jstor.org/stable/43040563#metadata_info_tab_contents] (https://www.jstor.org/stable/43040563#metadata_info_tab_contents) [https://byustudies.byu.edu/article/a-shepherd-to-mexicos-saints-arwell-l-pierce-and-the-third-convention/] (https://byustudies.byu.edu/article/a-shepherd-to-mexicos-saints-arwell-l-pierce-and-the-third-convention/) [https://ccdl.claremont.edu/digital/collection/cms/search/searchterm/Fernando%20R.%20and%20Enriqueta%20Gomez%20Mormon%20Mexican%20History%20Collection/field/event/mode/exact/conn/and] (https://ccdl.claremont.edu/digital/collection/cms/search/searchterm/Fernando%20R.%20and%20Enriqueta%20Gomez%20Mormon%20Mexican%20History%20Collection/field/event/mode/exact/conn/and) ... 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16 Nov 2022


Radio Free Mormon: 257: RFM Co-Hosts Mormon News Roundup!

RFM has a free-for-all with the gang at Mormon News Roundup!  Keeping up with Mormonism in the news has never been so much fun! ... Read more

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Mormonism LIVE: 100: 100th Episode Super Show

To celebrate our 100th episode, we invite all of you to join us as we take a look back at the past 99 episodes and share which have been most meaningful and which are our favorites and we will be taking calls from you our listeners and letting you share with us which ones meant the most to you! ... Read more

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Radio Free Mormon: 256: Invasion of the Miracle Snatchers!

Is it possible a prophet of God would steal someone else’s miracle story for themselves? Check out this podcast for a famous miracle story of Wilford Woodruff where he may have just done that very thing! ... Read more

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29 Oct 2022


Mormonism LIVE: 099: The 1826 Trial of Joseph Smith The Glass Looker

On this week’s episode we take a deeper look at the 1826 trial in Bainbridge, NY. We examine what led to the trial, what witnesses claimed, what we know about the trial proceedings, how Smith and Stowell got introduced to each other, and a few other interesting facts along the way that make this such an interesting episode in Church history. This outline was used in preparation forMormonism LIVE: 099 : The 1826 Trial of Joseph Smith, The Glass Looker– [https://youtu.be/A2JxyoOtNlM] (https://youtu.be/A2JxyoOtNlM) On this week’s episode we take a deeper look at the 1826 trial in Bainbridge, NY. We examine what led to the trial, what witnesses claimed, what we know about the trial proceedings, how Smith and Stowell got introduced to each other, and a few other interesting facts along the way that make this such an interesting episode in Church history. [![r/exmormon - The 1826 Trial of Joseph Smith the Glass Looker] (https://preview.redd.it/38ho2q76kcw91.png?width=898&format=png&auto=webp&s=25aee75b4d3122e390c898c39be3c061651c6586)] (https://preview.redd.it/38ho2q76kcw91.png?width=898&format=png&auto=webp&s=25aee75b4d3122e390c898c39be3c061651c6586) A.) SET THE STAGE 1--Spring of 1825, Joseph Smith is at Simpson (Simeon in some records) Stowell’s home in palmyra when Simpson’s father Josiah Stowell visits him and Joseph Smith uses his seer ability, presumably the stone in the hat and proceeds to amaze those in attendance with a couple of [“Remote Viewing”] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmzGa-X2144) performances such as describing Josiah’s house and outhouses correctly while all of them are at palmyra and Stowell’s property for which presumably Joseph Smith had never seen, is located in Bainbridge NY 2--Josiah Stowell, so amazed at the Prophet’s ability, hires him to both work the farm and to lead treasure digs near Stowell’s property in NY (SLIDE 1) 3--Several Members of Stowell’s family, Joseph Smith Jr. and Sr., Isaac Hale and other members of the Hale family and a few others [make a “mining” agreement] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/appendix-1-agreement-of-josiah-stowell-and-others-1-november-1825/1) on Nov 1st 1825 (SLIDE 2 & 3) and [the Church agrees it is Authentic] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/introduction-to-new-york-and-pennsylvania-financial-records/1) [![r/exmormon - The 1826 Trial of Joseph Smith the Glass Looker] (https://preview.redd.it/evaqhmabjcw91.png?width=956&format=png&auto=webp&s=8cf1cd6cc40bda98df154c5bfc5df12d454fa323)] (https://preview.redd.it/evaqhmabjcw91.png?width=956&format=png&auto=webp&s=8cf1cd6cc40bda98df154c5bfc5df12d454fa323) 1--Joseph Smith is living on Stowell’s property for about half a year working the farm and doing these treasure digs but they are finding absolutely nothing and these digs are failing at every turn. 2--Members of Stowell’s family along with others in the community perceive that Stowell is being taken advantage of and on March 20th 1826 Joseph Smith is brought before the court on charges of being a “disorderly person and an imposter” 3--The trial is first printed in Fraser Magazine February 1873 Edition and then reprinted again in the Utah Christian Advocate January 1886 Edition (SLIDE 4 & 5) [Frasers Magazine] (http://www.fullerconsideration.com/images/Fraser_s_Magazine.pdf) 12 July 1873 [http://www.fullerconsideration.com/images/frasersmagazine08unkngoog_0243-0244.jpg] (http://www.fullerconsideration.com/images/frasersmagazine08unkngoog_0243-0244.jpg) (Document page 229 [pdf 248]) [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/appendix-docket-entry-20-march-1826-state-of-new-york-v-js-a/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/appendix-docket-entry-20-march-1826-state-of-new-york-v-js-a/1) [![r/exmormon - The 1826 Trial of Joseph Smith the Glass Looker] (https://preview.redd.it/h9ju9tffjcw91.jpg?width=2950&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=144fb8ae62bf8282835f38a0e85702ed6609f0bf)] (https://preview.redd.it/h9ju9tffjcw91.jpg?width=2950&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=144fb8ae62bf8282835f38a0e85702ed6609f0bf) B.) Where does the author in Fraser’s Magazine locate this trial record? 1--In Bainbridge? Nope. From enemies? Nope. Rather from an old lady in Salt Lake City who kept records of Joseph Smith’s altercations with the Law. (SLIDE 6) 2--It gets worse though because the Utah Christian Advocate says this was taken directly from the record books of a bainbridge justice of the peace by a daughter or niece (suspicion since he doesn’t know) who tore the record out of the books and the author claims he verified. (SLIDE 6) C.) Capt’n Kidd 1--W.D Purple is in 1877 in the Chenango Union is giving us info about these treasure Digging activities and implies that Stowell is looking for Capt’n Kidd’s treasure. ---1--Notice the implication that Stowell knows the story of Capt’n Kidd – hence we should expect that Joseph is informed about said stories too. Not appropriate to start with the assumption he may not have known them. [More rational to start with he did.] (https://www.dialoguejournal.com/wp-content/uploads/sbi/articles/Dialogue_V36N04_37.pdf) (SLIDE 7) ------1--According to J. H. Kennedy, Joseph “made confession” that the autobiography of Captain Kidd “made a deep impression upon him.” Kennedy does not say in what context Smith made this “confession.” Palmyra native Philetus B. Spear recalled in an 1873 interview that as a boy Joseph “had for a library a copy of the ‘Arabian Nights,’ stories of Captain Kidd, and a few novels.”89 Pomeroy Tucker also mentions Joseph’s youthful fascination with Captain Kidd, Stephen Burroughs the counterfeiter, and others, noting that such stories “presented the highest charms for his expanding mental perceptions.”90 Ellen E. Dickinson similarly wrote: It is said that Joseph at an early age could read, but not write; and when quite young committed these lines to memory from the story of Captain Kidd, the notorious pirate, which seemed to give him great pleasure: “My name was Robert Kidd, As I sailed, as I sailed; And most wickedly I did As I sailed, as I sailed.”91 [![r/exmormon - The 1826 Trial of Joseph Smith the Glass Looker] (https://preview.redd.it/g6qmyyarjcw91.png?width=1135&format=png&auto=webp&s=3603c9e4a1219e97f063ed66ae56a19fb9812346)] (https://preview.redd.it/g6qmyyarjcw91.png?width=1135&format=png&auto=webp&s=3603c9e4a1219e97f063ed66ae56a19fb9812346) D.) The Proceedings themselves 1--Living w/ Stowell (5 Months) most of the time and a small part of time out looking for mines. But mostly farm work and going to school 2--Some quotes indicate that Smith used treasure digging as a way to get out of farm work while still bringing in the needed income. 3--Had been employed to work at the farm part time E.) Joseph Smith claims he is in Bainbridge “spending a small time looking for mines but mostly working for Stowell on the farming and “Going to School” 1--He is 20/21 during the time of these digs. What school would a frontier adult go to that he could be speaking of? College/university? Trade School? F.) He mentions his seer stone and his seeing ability. 1--Work had slowed down because this line of work was bad for his eyes. They were sore 2--He was turning down most work 3--But with stowell he found some “oar” (ore) that looked like gold ---1--But its not gold…. So why is such promising? 4--They would find a tail feather though not the buried treasure that was supposed to be with it. (Could the foretold item have been planted by Smith before or during the dig? Does this not best explain what is happening?) 5--He describes Stowell’s house and outhouse from Palmyra while staying at “Simpson Stowell’s” (Is this a relative of Josiah? Sources claim this is Josiah’s son) Could Stowell’s son have described Josiah’s property at an earlier time? Could Joseph have had enough info to make an educated guess? (This is how psychics work) G.) Testimony of Others 1--Horace Stowell testified 2--Arad Stowell Testified 3--Pretends to read a book with his back turned to the book, with the book open lying upon a white cloth, while using the stone ---1--This seems significant as if it points to a photographic memory and that as far as an outside observer could tell, he is doing the same sort of “translation work” as he did with the Book of Mormon ---2--Rather than exclude all light he instead places his stone near a candle ------1--Several seem disgusted as the fraud was so noticeable that they said it was palpable (almost a physical knowledge that he was a frauding them) ------2--McMaster said Joseph claimed if he held his stone to the sun or candle (excluding light hurt his eyes so he declined to use the hat and instead choosing instead the Sun (or a candle) [![r/exmormon - The 1826 Trial of Joseph Smith the Glass Looker] (https://preview.redd.it/gud7jvaokcw91.png?width=1200&format=png&auto=webp&s=dab1e9d699d098fdcc0f4f888e8a48dc29891ac6)] (https://preview.redd.it/gud7jvaokcw91.png?width=1200&format=png&auto=webp&s=dab1e9d699d098fdcc0f4f888e8a48dc29891ac6) 1--Johnathon Thompson – Joseph told them where a trunk was buried and they dug 5’ and (someone or the group) heard the shovel hit what sounded like a plank or board. ---1--“Two indians had buried the chest” – Lamanites. Joseph’s tales already have “Indians” involved. These indians fought and one killed the other and buried him in the hole “to Guard It”. ------1--Isn’t Moroni a guardian Spirit of the same sort? (SLIDE 11 then back to 12) Below is a second hand report of how Joseph Smith Sr. described his son’s interaction with Moroni [![r/exmormon - The 1826 Trial of Joseph Smith the Glass Looker] (https://preview.redd.it/1pelt1x1lcw91.png?width=1224&format=png&auto=webp&s=c25e2c867ada13c52523e86610b1a321ee7b591b)] (https://preview.redd.it/1pelt1x1lcw91.png?width=1224&format=png&auto=webp&s=c25e2c867ada13c52523e86610b1a321ee7b591b) 1--He believes without seeing a chest that he certainly must of hit it (most rational explanation in his mind for the sound) ---1--in spite of it sinking into the earth but as outsiders can we see how irrational that perspective is. That a sound can provide one a conclusion in spite of needing magic in order to not see what should have been there and visible? ---2--The trunk stayed at distance, just out of reach to touch or to be seen. ------1--Isn’t that convenient 2--“Salt might be found in bainbridge” ---1--Stolen items, ancient treasures, salt deposits 3--Thompson believes JS can discern with his stone and hat 4--“Witness lost some money and Joseph was able to describe the man Witness thought had taken it.” H.) Court Costs 1--The costs themselves Court Charges: (Is this all in cents?) Court found defendant guilty Cost warrant – 19 cents Complaint upon Oath – 25.7 Witnesses – 87.5 Recognizince – 25 Mitimus – 19 Recognizince for Witness – 75 Subpoena – 18 TOTAL?$2.68(verified by the docket commentary on such in next section) IF THIS PROCEEDING IS TRUE, LDS APOLOGISTS STATE IT WOULD BE THE MOST DAMNING EVIDENCE AGAINST MORMONISM The Mormon writer Francis W. Kirkham just could not allow himself to believe that the 1826 court record was authentic. He, in fact, felt that if the transcript were authentic it would disprove Mormonism: “A careful study of all facts regarding this alleged confession of Joseph Smith in a court of law that he had used a seer stone to find hidden treasure for purposes of fraud, must come to the conclusion thatno such record was ever made, and therefore, is not in existence…. had he [Joseph Smith] made this confession in a court of law as early as 1826, or four years before the Book of Mormon was printed, and this confession was in a court record, it would have been impossible for him to have organized the restored Church. (A New Witness For Christ In America, vol. 1, pages 385-387) “If a court record could be identified, and if it contained a confession by Joseph Smith which revealed him to be a poor, ignorant, deluded, and superstitious person — unable himself to write a book of any consequence, and whose church could not endure because it attracted only similar persons of low mentality — if such a court record confession could be identified and proved, then it follows thathis believers must deny his claimed divine guidancewhich led them to follow him…. How could he be a prophet of God, the leader of the Restored Church to these tens of thousands, if he had been the superstitious fraud which ‘the pages from a book’ declared he confessed to be?” (Ibid., p. 486-487) The noted Mormon apologist Hugh Nibley published a book in which this statement appeared: “…if this court record is authentic it isthe most damning evidence in existence against Joseph Smith.” (The Myth Makers, 1961, page 142) On the same page we read that such a court record would be “the mostdevastating blow to Smithever delivered.” Because he could see the serious implications of the matter, Dr. Nibley tried in every way possible to destroy the idea that the court record was an authentic document. I.) Additional Documentation 1--Neeley’s [Fee Bill] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/fee-bill-circa-9-november-1826-state-of-new-york-v-js-a/1) – [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/fee-bill-circa-9-november-1826-state-of-new-york-v-js-a/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/fee-bill-circa-9-november-1826-state-of-new-york-v-js-a/1) (SLIDE 13) 1--Why this is important – Because once we find the additional documentation that verifies $2.68 as the total, we add credibility to the trial proceeding retelling (SLIDE 14) 1--2nd Fee Bill – Philip M. De Zeng [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/fee-bill-1826-state-of-new-york-v-js-a/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/fee-bill-1826-state-of-new-york-v-js-a/1) (SLIDE 15) [![r/exmormon - The 1826 Trial of Joseph Smith the Glass Looker] (https://preview.redd.it/pncljtrnlcw91.png?width=919&format=png&auto=webp&s=1059d790971456bc3e8bec14c04c0d0ec9fabbdd)] (https://preview.redd.it/pncljtrnlcw91.png?width=919&format=png&auto=webp&s=1059d790971456bc3e8bec14c04c0d0ec9fabbdd) J.) Surrounding Statements that shape our perception 1--Oliver Cowdery claims Joseph was acquitted at the 1826 trial ---1--“Oliver Cowdery, who did not attend the hearing (he met Joseph Smith about three years later), mentioned the most likely result in light of missing documentation, that Joseph was acquitted of being a disorderly person.”(SLIDE 16) [![r/exmormon - The 1826 Trial of Joseph Smith the Glass Looker] (https://preview.redd.it/zhp0wsoamcw91.png?width=1236&format=png&auto=webp&s=35c703ebfd092256c8303a8da05eaa87f35c5d47)] (https://preview.redd.it/zhp0wsoamcw91.png?width=1236&format=png&auto=webp&s=35c703ebfd092256c8303a8da05eaa87f35c5d47) 1--Cowdery may be confusing an 1830 trial that he took part in where Joseph actually was acquitted though the Church’s footnote makes sense to me. 2--Should Cowdery’s non first hand telling be considered strong enough evidence to dismiss the alleged court proceeding? no ---1--Defer to RFM 3--The first 1830 Trial – Court Case before Justice of the Peace Joseph Chamberlin, South Bainbridge, Chenango County, New York: Constable Ebenezer Hatch arrested Joseph Smith on June 30, 1830, held him over night, and brought him before Justice Joseph P. Chamberlin on a charge of being a disorderly person. 4--Abram Willard Benton, the man who filed the disorderly person complaint against Smith in 1830, also wrote an account of this 1830 trial. [8] (https://www.shields-research.org/General/LDS_Leaders/1stPres/Joseph_Smith/1826_Trial_Walters.htm#08.) Benton also relates Stowell’s testimony: ( [https://user.xmission.com/~research/early/court1830.htm] (https://user.xmission.com/~research/early/court1830.htm) ) 5--Josiah Stowell, a Mormonite, being sworn, testified that he positively knew that said Smith never had lied to, or deceived him, and did not believe he ever tried to deceive anybody else. (SLIDE 17) ---1--“Did Smith ever tell you there was money hid in a certain place which he mentioned?Yes.Did he tell you, you could find it by digging?Yes.Did you dig?Yes.Did you find any money?No.Did he not lie to you then, and deceive you?NO, the money was there, but we did not get quite to it!How do you know it was there?Smith said it was.( A. W. Benton, “Mormonites,” Evangelical Magazine and Gospel Advocate, April 9, 1831, p. 120, as reprinted in Francis W. Kirkham,A New Witness for Christ in America*, (Brigham Young University, 1959) II:467-468)* ------1--This is called circular reasoning and it is exemplified by Kerry Muhlstein (soundbite) 1--“It is reported, and probably true, that he commenced hisjuggling by stealing and hiding property belonging to his neighbors, and when inquiry was made, he would look in his stone, (his gift and power) and tell where it was.” ---1--Remember the Miners hill episode where in the “Mormon Cave” were found various animal remains and debris or items. (I think every instance of claims that Joseph Smith found lost property through a seer stone should note the most rational explanation is something other than the supernatural or magic.) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4qiP2hZtcA] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4qiP2hZtcA) ------1--Compare to the feather story – Could Joseph have hid the feather before or during the dig? How’s that not the most rational answer especially in light of not finding the treasure that went with it. 2--SECOND 1830 TRIAL( [actual newspaper article] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/mormonism-19-september-1832-state-of-new-york-v-js-c/1#facts) ) – [https://user.xmission.com/~research/early/court1830.htm] (https://user.xmission.com/~research/early/court1830.htm) (easier to read transcript) [Church description] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/introduction-to-state-of-new-york-v-js-b-and-state-of-new-york-v-js-c/1) “that he had been acquainted with Smith, the prisoner, for several years; that prisoner pretended to look in a certain glass, or stone, and said he could tellwhere stolen goods were, and could discover mines of gold and silver under ground (THOUGH NONE EVER FOUND); made some pretence at telling fortunes, but he, witness, never knew of prisoner’s finding any thing by his pretended art.” 3--Harris Stowell “hid a bag of grain in his barn, told Smith he had lost a bag of grain, and wished prisoner to find it; prisoner looked in his glass in vain, for he could not find it; prisoner, after using all his art for a number of days,offered to give witness’ brother fifty cents (so his brother told witness,) to find where the grain was, and tell him, prisoner, unbeknown to witness, so that Smith, the prisoner, might have the credit of finding the grain.” – [https://user.xmission.com/~research/early/court1830.htm] (https://user.xmission.com/~research/early/court1830.htm) 4--Again we have Joseph Smith allegedly using deception to to give off the impression that he can find lost items. 5--Could not Joseph Smith have employed a similar tactic to have Simpson Stowell describe his father’s property so that Smith could later imply supernatural ability in describing Josiah Stowell’s farm? 6--The 2 1830 Trials (Only important as Cowdery said Smith was acquitted and likely was misremembering the 1830 rather than 1826 [https://user.xmission.com/~research/early/court1830.htm] (https://user.xmission.com/~research/early/court1830.htm) K.) Other Interesting data points 1--Ronald Jackson, a believing member forged a reprint of Wesley Walters discovery of the 1826 court docket [http://www.utlm.org/newsletters/no68.htm] (http://www.utlm.org/newsletters/no68.htm) . Why does Jackson feel the need to do this? Because he believes the original is damning to Mormonism. [![r/exmormon - The 1826 Trial of Joseph Smith the Glass Looker] (https://preview.redd.it/m8n6n1idncw91.png?width=1182&format=png&auto=webp&s=ec4765da391954bc1d466cb523279467b5cce879)] (https://preview.redd.it/m8n6n1idncw91.png?width=1182&format=png&auto=webp&s=ec4765da391954bc1d466cb523279467b5cce879) CONCLUSION: 1--Witness testimony implies that Joseph never found any treasure and that while many believed him to have real power, it was them accepting such on his word with either no results OR the belief on others that he had deceptively created the appearance of supernatural ability ---1--Setting up the deception so that objects could be hidden and then discovered later under alleged magic ------1--Through stealing property and then locating it for the victim ------2--Placing items in places to be found later ------3--Bribing individuals to give him information that he could then “reveal” to others later (feather but not the accompanying treasure, stolen items, bribing a person’s family to tell him where their loved one hid the thing 1--When the rubber met the road and Joseph had any ample opportunity to actually locate something of value, he came up empty every single time. RESOURCES: [http://www.fullerconsideration.com/sources.php?cat=GP-T26] (http://www.fullerconsideration.com/sources.php?cat=GP-T26) [https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/history/topics/joseph-smiths-1826-trial?lang=eng] (https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/history/topics/joseph-smiths-1826-trial?lang=eng) [https://www.shields-research.org/General/LDS_Leaders/1stPres/Joseph_Smith/1826_Trial_Walters.htm] (https://www.shields-research.org/General/LDS_Leaders/1stPres/Joseph_Smith/1826_Trial_Walters.htm) [Joseph Smith and the 1826 Trial] (https://byustudies.byu.edu/article/joseph-smith-and-the-1826-trial-new-evidence-and-new-difficulties/) [https://scholarsarchive.byu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1504&context=byusq] (https://scholarsarchive.byu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1504&context=byusq) [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/introduction-to-state-of-new-york-v-js-a/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/introduction-to-state-of-new-york-v-js-a/1) [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/fee-bill-circa-9-november-1826-state-of-new-york-v-js-a/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/fee-bill-circa-9-november-1826-state-of-new-york-v-js-a/1) [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/appendix-docket-entry-20-march-1826-state-of-new-york-v-js-a/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/appendix-docket-entry-20-march-1826-state-of-new-york-v-js-a/1) [https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/220141943.pdf] (https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/220141943.pdf) [https://www.jstor.org/stable/45225965#metadata_info_tab_contents] (https://www.jstor.org/stable/45225965#metadata_info_tab_contents) [https://watermark.silverchair.com/45227184.pdf?token=AQECAHi208BE49Ooan9kkhW_Ercy7Dm3ZL_9Cf3qfKAc485ysgAAArowggK2BgkqhkiG9w0BBwagggKnMIICowIBADCCApwGCSqGSIb3DQEHATAeBglghkgBZQMEAS4wEQQMUJ6sRlPRmWN-EOEsAgEQgIICbdN47lit91anjntjBGUirES28IfmW249Mm-oEc8iXOiv-KT6ryM16M0YSHmj1vHN8Gs1h78CZnAg_3SwoPAA_MN5WDxWWN3WZ2S9TYVhhgbciCC6-VrApRswCYJLnhapCnHNEw6e-MUOPyF6LwbkwWG3VVMcWtO73IRWV8zy89aeTsy13t_uJZlJoT0pmIXhsM6rE5KULGjqEKAW97gaAW9NMJhWNBvS3ayJGcCEfimJ7GqN4FGZjItkOLzK0a49Sqg5oBHDvxi2L5l5KE3LSDwDGlU0Ux2hayjmJw1mUpiW0b-KUT8FuDmxxiPGQCGpWnghWKOf3kQaZs8CqVBFTMakXSaBplrw-kJMyEF7Lt7hDxOHdMx0L4lplEujRkQSAPbd299bOgKy3PCDWstnbGckbLLXW_2P2g17dhd4WQFLGpedntbWdTMinZHY4hfHxCF2qCLjFH54aSGGTe286zslE7Uv4AHZJco0LGO15tkDsju2wplN4hRmRe9YCLKBtJY6SMWwOuquJ1cuzMuKUVeL6bcowdP4cb9foLRLXT4PdEeBjilU9pd3MJDNeLLDWgYHwVSdHEfa5ZPBususc1DXIZgJGwhF9zkT3gNgIkCQrUlZGugMJKgbCp-k5sdLSDrhpsPzek8Mz3ss6KqMQY3wRvoDMx9oT5OT-NMG9qKYKws-xvmYzgc6ufxmQsV3IAOd0DlBeylpJgQyDqQr0r5GGDK2R2W5BMFBseh4hPxEBDn_OX204I_VzxkyMxCRVf20p06j2Apu6h8henels8KeYM66zinNRVB33i4Zv7FW0L4hoWRZHkzEqGKTcQ] (https://watermark.silverchair.com/45227184.pdf?token=AQECAHi208BE49Ooan9kkhW_Ercy7Dm3ZL_9Cf3qfKAc485ysgAAArowggK2BgkqhkiG9w0BBwagggKnMIICowIBADCCApwGCSqGSIb3DQEHATAeBglghkgBZQMEAS4wEQQMUJ6sRlPRmWN-EOEsAgEQgIICbdN47lit91anjntjBGUirES28IfmW249Mm-oEc8iXOiv-KT6ryM16M0YSHmj1vHN8Gs1h78CZnAg_3SwoPAA_MN5WDxWWN3WZ2S9TYVhhgbciCC6-VrApRswCYJLnhapCnHNEw6e-MUOPyF6LwbkwWG3VVMcWtO73IRWV8zy89aeTsy13t_uJZlJoT0pmIXhsM6rE5KULGjqEKAW97gaAW9NMJhWNBvS3ayJGcCEfimJ7GqN4FGZjItkOLzK0a49Sqg5oBHDvxi2L5l5KE3LSDwDGlU0Ux2hayjmJw1mUpiW0b-KUT8FuDmxxiPGQCGpWnghWKOf3kQaZs8CqVBFTMakXSaBplrw-kJMyEF7Lt7hDxOHdMx0L4lplEujRkQSAPbd299bOgKy3PCDWstnbGckbLLXW_2P2g17dhd4WQFLGpedntbWdTMinZHY4hfHxCF2qCLjFH54aSGGTe286zslE7Uv4AHZJco0LGO15tkDsju2wplN4hRmRe9YCLKBtJY6SMWwOuquJ1cuzMuKUVeL6bcowdP4cb9foLRLXT4PdEeBjilU9pd3MJDNeLLDWgYHwVSdHEfa5ZPBususc1DXIZgJGwhF9zkT3gNgIkCQrUlZGugMJKgbCp-k5sdLSDrhpsPzek8Mz3ss6KqMQY3wRvoDMx9oT5OT-NMG9qKYKws-xvmYzgc6ufxmQsV3IAOd0DlBeylpJgQyDqQr0r5GGDK2R2W5BMFBseh4hPxEBDn_OX204I_VzxkyMxCRVf20p06j2Apu6h8henels8KeYM66zinNRVB33i4Zv7FW0L4hoWRZHkzEqGKTcQ) [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/appendix-1-agreement-of-josiah-stowell-and-others-1-november-1825/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/appendix-1-agreement-of-josiah-stowell-and-others-1-november-1825/1) [http://www.utlm.org/newsletters/no68.htm] (http://www.utlm.org/newsletters/no68.htm) [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/history-1834-1836/48] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/history-1834-1836/48) [https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Letters_by_Oliver_Cowdery_To_W.W._Phelps_on_the_Rise_of_the_Church_of_Jesus_Christ_of_Latter-day_Saints/Letter_VIII] (https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Letters_by_Oliver_Cowdery_To_W.W._Phelps_on_the_Rise_of_the_Church_of_Jesus_Christ_of_Latter-day_Saints/Letter_VIII) [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/history-1834-1836/107] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/history-1834-1836/107) [https://scholarsarchive.byu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=2287&context=byusq] (https://scholarsarchive.byu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=2287&context=byusq) ... Read more

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27 Oct 2022


Radio Free Mormon: 255: Four Recent Discoveries!

RFM delves into four fascinating items related to Mormonism he has only recently discovered. You won’t want to miss this one! ... Read more

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Mormonism LIVE: 098: Gold Gifts, Deeds, & Harsh Measures

In this Episode Bill and RFM will go into a story few members know about in regards to the Prophet Joseph Smith and one of his young plural wives. It involves some re-gifting, a land deal, and Harsh Measures [T-Shirt Contest Voting takes place here – https://forms.gle/MzBroWzRvk7EFEpQ9] (https://forms.gle/MzBroWzRvk7EFEpQ9) A.) [Lucien Woodworth] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/person/lucien-woodworth) born April 3rd 1799 1--becomes a close associate of Joseph Smith around the year 1841 a.) Appointed aide-de-camp in Nauvoo Legion, May 1841 b.) Member of Nauvoo Masonic Lodge c.) Admitted to Council of Fifty, 11 Mar. 1844 d.) Traveled to Texas to negotiate with Sam Houston for possible Latter-day Saint settlement, 1844. e.) Sent by JS to deliver letter explaining Latter-day Saint difficulties to Illinois governor Thomas Ford, 22 June 1844. 1--Married Phebe Watrous in 1825 and had at least 3 children [(seen in 1850 Census)] (https://ancestors.familysearch.org/en/KLZY-ZB7/lucien-woodworth-1799-1868) ---1--The oldest of those children is [Flora Ann Woodworth born June 12, 1826] (https://www.geni.com/people/Flora-Woodworth/6000000008442654901) according to one genealogy site and [November 14, 1826 according to Brian Hales] (https://josephsmithspolygamy.org/plural-wives-overview/flora-ann-woodworth/) B.) The Interactions between The Woodworth family and the Smiths generally 1-- [March 31, 1843 ~ Friday On the 31] (https://wilfordwoodruffpapers.org/documents/6e34557b-3015-4803-9a97-d913b4afd003/page/a390a61e-9488-4ed7-9e9c-45a722334f6e) friday I spent the afternoon at Mr Lucian Woodworth’s in company with Joseph Smith, Hiram Smith, Heber C. Kimball Orson Hyde, a Br Chase with our wives we had a feast of a fat turkey & had a good time (Before her Sealing to JS most likely) – C.) Strange Interactions with potential suitor 1--nineteen-year-old Orange Wight (Son of Lyman Wight) pursued Flora Ann and is interrupted and offered a ride by Joseph Smith ---1-- [He wrote] (https://doctrineandcovenantscentral.org/history/orange-l-wight/) , “[Having just returned from a mission] I concluded to lo[o]k about and try to pick up one or more of the young Ladies before they were all Gone, so I commenced keeping company with Flora Woodworth… [We were walking near Joseph’s home when he (JS) rode up in a carriage and invited us to take a ride] D.) William Clayton records multiple visits by the Prophet to see young Flora Ann Woodworth 1--March 31, 1843 ~ Friday On the 31 friday I spent the afternoon at Mr Lucian Woodworth’s in company with Joseph Smith, Hiram Smith, Heber C. Kimball Orson Hyde, a Br Chase with our wives we had a feast of a fat turkey & had a good time (Before her Sealing to JS most likely) 2--May 2nd: “Joseph rode out today with Flora W.” 3--June 1st: “Evening Joseph rode in the carriage with Flora.” 4--August 26th: “Hyrum and I rode up to my house and Joseph met Mrs. Wdth and F[lora] and conversed some time.” 5--August 28th: “President Joseph met Ms Wdth at my house.” 6--August 29th: “A.M. at the Temple. President Joseph at my house with Miss Wdth.” E.) Joseph Smith seems to be in the picture a lot but this is because 16 year old Flora Ann has by the Spring of 1843 become a plural wife of the Prophet Joseph Smith 1.) In the spring of 1843 Joseph Smith was sealed to 16 year old Flora Ann Woodworth 1-- [According to Brian Hales] (https://josephsmithspolygamy.org/plural-wives-overview/flora-ann-woodworth/) “A March 4, 1843, entry in the Prophet’s diary appears to have been written “Woodworth,” which is crossed out and is difficult to discern. The name “Woodworth” appears interlineally above in shorthand, so it is possible they were sealed that day.” 2--Those visits by Smith to Flora recorded by Clayton – they have already been sealed/married by then 2.) That story w/ Orange Wight… [here is the rest of the story] (https://doctrineandcovenantscentral.org/history/orange-l-wight/) 1--“I was walking along the street with Flora near the Prophet’s residence when he, Joseph, drove, up in his carriage, stopped and spoke to I and Flora and asked us to get in the carriage and ride with him. He opened the door for us and when we were seated opposite to him he told the driver to drive on. We went to the [Nauvoo] temple lot and many other places during the afternoon and then he drove to the Woodworth house and we got out and went in. After we got in the house Sister Woodworth took me in another room and told me that Flora was one of Joseph’s wives. I was aware or believed that Eliza R. Snow and the two Partridge girls were his wives but was not informed about Flora. But now Sister Woodworth gave me all the information necessary, so I knew Joseph believed and practiced polygamy…Now as a matter of corse I at once—after giving her Flora/ a mild lecture left her and looked for a companion in other places, and where I could be more sure. I was now called on a mission to go up the river 5 or 6 hundred miles to make lumber for the Nauvoo house and Temple.” ---1--Mild Lecture ---2--Joseph gets him out of town sending him on a mission 500 to 600 miles away…. F.) The Gift Giving of a Gold Watch 1--Emma somehow becomes aware that Flora Woodworth has on her person a Gold watch which she comprehends is the Gold Watch of her Husband and the Prophet Joseph Smith (RFM to give most rational explanation). We know this because William Clayton records the following ---1--“President Joseph told me that he had difficulty with E[mma] yesterday. She rode up to Woodworths with him and called while he came to the Temple. When he returned she was demanding the gold watch of F[lora]. He reproved her for her evil treatment.” ------1--No record exists of the exact date of the marriage or the gift-giving of the watch ( [According to Hales] (https://josephsmithspolygamy.org/plural-wives-overview/flora-ann-woodworth/#link_ajs-fn-id_3-5640) ) ------2--The story implies that Joseph didn’t knowwhen dropping off emma at the woodworths that a conflict would ensue over the watch. The Smith’s and Woodworths hung out a lot it seems so it likely it all seemed normal when he dropped Emma off ------3--RFM – when did Emma discover Flora had JS watch? ------4--Joseph seems to only figure out that he has been caught when he returns to pick Emma up and she is in the middle of a confrontation with Flora demanding the watch back ---------1--How embarrassing for Emma 1--Joseph seems to have a history of giving Gold watches to his plural wives ---1--The Prophet may have given a gold watch to several of his plural wives. Mary Ann Barzee Boice remembered that she was “acquainted with Eliza R. Snow Smith, his [Joseph Smith’s] wife and saw his gold watch which she carries.” Mary Ann Boice in John Boice and Mary Ann (Barzee) Boice “Record,” MS 8883, Microfilm of manuscript, 174. ---2--link to an image of the gold watch Joseph Smith gave to Eliza R. Snow [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Eliza_R_Snow_pocket_watch_given_by_Joseph_Smith.jpeg] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Eliza_R_Snow_pocket_watch_given_by_Joseph_Smith.jpeg) G.) According to Clayton the argument that started when Smith showed up on the scene to find Emma in a confrontation with Flora continued on the carriage ride home and once the Smith’s got back to their home. George D. Smith, ed., An Intimate Chronicle: The Journals of William Clayton (Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1995), 119. 1--“President Joseph told me that he had difficulty with E[mma] yesterday. She rode up to Woodworths with him and called while he came to the Temple. When he returned she was demanding the gold watch of F[lora]. He reproved her for her evil treatment. On their return home she abused him much and also when he got home. He had to use harsh measures to put a stop to her abuse but finally succeeded.” ---1--What are Harsh Measures in this context that could stop “the abuse” by Emma? ------1--This speaks volumes about how Emma might feel in this situation was disregarded. How she isn’t seen as having a right to her hurt and anger. ------2--It addresses the quote from last week where Bednar suggests these women pursued Joseph for a sealing when the reality is that He pursued them. ------3--It also runs counter to Bednar’s imposing these were adoptions and not marriages and certainly not sexual. (Gold watch, Orange Wight, Emma’s being caught off guard) We should spend a few minutes sorting this out) ---------1--This instance demonstrates the brethren are either naive and ignorant and speak out of turn on such things or they intentionally play on the naivete and ignorance of members or a combination of both. ------4--Oh and what happened to the watch you ask – Seymour B. Young recalled in 1912 that Emma destroyed the watch: “The name of the Prophet’s plural wives [included] … Flora Woodward [sic] to whom he is said to have given a gold locket or watch which was stamped under foot by Emma.” – Seymour B. Young, Journal, April 2, 1912, CHL, restricted; excerpt copied in D. Michael Quinn Papers—Addition—Uncat WA MS 244 (Accession:19990209–c), Box 1—Card file—Topic: Polygamy, Joseph Smith’s ---Or is that what happened? – [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLLtMuXtEPI] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLLtMuXtEPI) Time Stamp 1.18.30 for a story about Joseph’s Gold Watch. H.) Coincidence or Women scorned 1--Flora apparently had a serious life event the very next day after the confrontation. The marriage index of Hancock County records [Flora Ann marrying Carlos Gove, a non-member, the very next day after her confrontation with Emma] (https://josephsmithspolygamy.org/plural-wives-overview/flora-ann-woodworth/#link_ajs-fn-id_6-5640) . – Marriage of Flora Woodworth to Carlos Gove, August 23, 1843, in Marriage index of Hancock County, Ill., 1829–1849, Tri-County Genealogical Society, comp. (Augusta, Ilinois: Tri-County Genealogical Society, 1983), 19. ---1-- [Helen Mar Kimball recalled a different chain of events] (https://josephsmithspolygamy.org/plural-wives-overview/flora-ann-woodworth/#link_ajs-fn-id_6-5640) : “A young man boarding at her father’s after the death of Joseph not a member of the Church had sought her hand, in time won her heart, and in a reckless moment she was induced to accept his offer and they eloped to Carthage, accompanied by a young lady friend, and were there married by a Justice of the Peace.” Helen Mar Whitney, “Travels Beyond the Mississippi,” Woman’s Exponent (November 1, 1884), 87; italics mine. This marriage is not listed in Lyndon Cook, Nauvoo Deaths and Marriages, 1839–1845 (Orem, Utah: Grandin Book Co., 1994), undoubtedly because his marriage records are extracted from Church publications and records. ---2-- [According to Hales] (https://josephsmithspolygamy.org/plural-wives-overview/flora-ann-woodworth/) – “The level of friendship between Gove and Flora prior to their legal marriage is unknown, but it is probable that Emma encouraged the nuptial” – and [his evidence for that is] (https://josephsmithspolygamy.org/plural-wives-overview/flora-ann-woodworth/#link_ajs-fn-id_7-5640) “Emily Partridge recalled that Emma: “once proposed to a young man to ask Eliza [Partridge, Emily’s sister] to take a ride with him.” Emily Dow Partridge Young, “Incidents in the early life of Emily Dow partridge,” MS d 2845, fd 1, typescript in possession of the author.” I.) And as I was digging into this story…… I found a couple more things 1-- [Land Deed between Lucien Woodworth and Joseph Smith] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-lucien-woodworth-and-others-31-may-1843/1) ---1--Mention the transfer of money into the hand of Joseph Smith of $250 ------1--Note that I am not saying there is anything odd about this Land deed ---2--But It is odd when juxtaposed against this Land Deed directly to Flora Ann Woodworth ------1-- [The Land Deed itself] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-flora-ann-woodworth-13-may-1843/1) between Joseph and Flora ------2--Notice the date of May 13th 1843 is just two months after the “march 4th” possible sealing date between Flora and Joseph ------3--Notice it appears to be part of the same lot ------4--Notice the amount of $1000 ---------1--Which 16 year old girl has $1000 ---------2--Did actual money change hands or was Flora given land valued at $1000 as a inheritance for her marriage? ---------3--My hunch is nothing was paid but the wording is a formality for a gift. 2--Other Land Deals ---1--Land Deed to Sarah Ann Whitney – [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-sarah-ann-whitney-6-september-1842/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-sarah-ann-whitney-6-september-1842/1) But then, of course, there was Sarah herself. Only seventeen years old at the time, and by all accounts well liked by her peers, this was an event that would change the course for her whole life. Even while she was initiated into the Mormon church’s inner circle, and linked forever to the faith’s prophet, she must have known that she risked alienation from everyday life. Could she survive as the secret wife of an already much-married man? There had to be compensation. Six weeks after the secret sealing, and two weeks after Smith’s request for a clandestine meeting, Smith deeded to Sarah a lot of land only one block from his own. It was rare for a woman to own land in Nauvoo, especially a woman as young as Sarah; indeed, it was so rare that whoever filled out the deed had to strike out “his” and write in “hers” to match the inheritor’s gender. ------1--FOOTNOTE 1 – While the land deed states that the property cost one thousand dollars, a figure slightly higher than most plots sold that year, it is very unlikely that Sarah herself paid that amount. It is possible that Sarah’s parents provided the money, or that Smith merely covered it himself but desired not to leave a paper” trail. [https://benjaminepark.com/2017/10/16/sarah-ann-whitney-blessing/] (https://benjaminepark.com/2017/10/16/sarah-ann-whitney-blessing/) ------2--Joseph Kingsbury (sham) marriage to Sarah Ann Whitney ---------1-- [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/marriage-certificate-for-joseph-kingsbury-and-sarah-ann-whitney-29-april-1843/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/marriage-certificate-for-joseph-kingsbury-and-sarah-ann-whitney-29-april-1843/1) 3--Emma Smith Land Deed – [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-emma-smith-and-others-12-july-1843/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-emma-smith-and-others-12-july-1843/1) ---1--$10,000 4--Patty Bartlett Sessions – [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-patty-bartlett-sessions-9-august-1843/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-patty-bartlett-sessions-9-august-1843/1) 5--Mary Elizabeth Rollings Lightner – [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-mary-elizabeth-rollins-lightner-5-july-1843/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-mary-elizabeth-rollins-lightner-5-july-1843/1) 6--Helen Mar Kimball – [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-helen-mar-kimball-7-june-1843/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-helen-mar-kimball-7-june-1843/1) 7--Sylvia Sessions Lyon – [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-sylvia-sessions-lyon-5-june-1843/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-sylvia-sessions-lyon-5-june-1843/1) 8--Sarah Scott Mulholland – [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-sarah-scott-mulholland-13-may-1843/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-sarah-scott-mulholland-13-may-1843/1) ---1--Four years later [1843], Sarah is thought to have married Joseph Smith in a union concealed by her October 25, 1843, civil marriage to Alexander Mullinder –a ceremony performed by Apostle John Taylor. On February 3, 1846, Sarah was sealed to Mulholland, Heber C. Kimball acting as proxy for her deceased first husband. There are two reasons for concluding that Sarah was joined to Joseph for time and eternity. First, in her 1846 sealing ceremony, she was identified as Sarah Smith, indicating a prior marriage to Joseph. [NO FOOTNOTE OR REFERENCE.] Second, in a biography of Heber Kimball, family tradition lists her among “the wives of the prophet” whom Kimball adopted as his own, 1844-46 – George D. Smith, Nauvoo Polygamy: “… but we called it celestial marriage”, Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 2008, 218. ---2--Sarah Scott, who had married James Mulholland (1810–39) in early1839, wed Alexander Mullinder/Mullander (born ca. 1810) civilly on October 25, 1843, with Apostle John Taylor performing the ceremony. Mulholland was probably a “front” husband to conceal Sarah’s plural marriage to Smith—much the same arrangement by whichSmith had authorized Joseph Kingsbury and Sarah Whitney’s “prete[n]ded marriage” on April 29, 1843. Scott was sealed to Mulholland for eternity and to Heber Kimball, not Mullinder, for time on February 3, 1846, in the Nauvoo Temple. The record of that ceremony identifies her explicitly as “Sarah Smith,” implying an earlier sealing to Joseph Smith – Gary J. Bergera, “Identifying the Earliest Mormon Polygamists, 1841-1844,” Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought38, no. 2 (Fall 2005): 31 9--Elizabeth Buchannan Coolidge ( [Plural Wife] (https://mormonstudies.as.virginia.edu/family/coolidge/) )- [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-elizabeth-buchannan-coolidge-30-march-1843/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-elizabeth-buchannan-coolidge-30-march-1843/1) 10-Elizabeth Davis Durfee – ( [Brian Hales] (https://josephsmithspolygamy.org/plural-wives-overview/elizabeth-davis/) ) [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-elizabeth-davis-durfee-10-march-1843/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-elizabeth-davis-durfee-10-march-1843/1) 11-Partridge Sisters – [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-eliza-partridge-and-others-10-february-1843/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-eliza-partridge-and-others-10-february-1843/1) 12-Marinda Nancy Johnson Hyde – [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-marinda-nancy-johnson-hyde-10-february-1843/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-marinda-nancy-johnson-hyde-10-february-1843/1) 13-Hyrum Smith’s Plural Wives ---1--Lydia Dibble Granger – [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-lydia-dibble-granger-15-march-1843/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-lydia-dibble-granger-15-march-1843/1) ---2--Mary Fielding Smith – [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-mary-fielding-smith-15-march-1843/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-mary-fielding-smith-15-march-1843/1) J.) Other Interesting facts 1--Flora’s marriage/sealing to Joseph happened right around the same time to Lucy Walker and Helen Mar Kimball ---1--Speak again to [Bednar’s imposition on JS’s Polygamy] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQjaKOcO288) 2--Joseph Smith, May 1844: [“What a thing it is for a man to be accused of committing adultery, and having seven wives, when I can only find one.”] (https://mit.irr.org/joseph-smith-statements-denying-polygamy) ---1-- [JOSEPH SMITH’S WIVES] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Joseph_Smith%27s_wives) as of May 1844: Emma Hale, Louisa Beaman, Mrs. Zina Diantha Huntington (Jacobs), Mrs. Presendia Lathrop Huntington (Buell), Agnes Moulton Coolbrith (Smith), Mrs. Lucinda Pendleton (Morgan Harris), Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Rollins (Lightner), Mrs. Sylvia Porter Sessions (Lyon), Mrs. Patty Bartlett (Sessions), Mrs. Sarah M. Kingsley (Howe Cleveland), Mrs. Elizabeth Davis (G. Brackenbury Durfee), Mrs. Marinda Nancy Johnson (Hyde), Delcena Diadamia Johnson (Sherman), Eliza Roxcy Snow, Mrs. Sarah Rapson (Poulterer), Sarah Ann Whitney, Martha McBride (Knight), Mrs. Ruth Daggett Vose (Sayers), Flora Ann Woodworth, Emily Dow Partridge, Eliza Maria Partridge, Almera Woodward Johnson, Lucy Walker, Sarah Lawrence, Maria Lawrence, Helen Mar Kimball, Mrs. Elvira Anna Cowles (Holmes), Rhoda Richards, Hannah S. Ells, Mary Ann Frost (Stearns Pratt), Olive Grey Frost, Nancy Maria Winchester, Desdemona Catlin Wadworth Fullmer, Melissa Lott, Sarah Scott (Mulholland), Mrs. Phebe Watrous (Woodworth), Mary Huston, Fanny Young (Carr Murray). (George D. Smith, Nauvoo Polygamy [2008]). 3--Here are the wives of Joseph Smith who were under the age of 20: Fanny Alger (16); Sarah Ann Whitney (17); Flora Ann Woodworth (16); Lucy Walker (17); Sara Lawrence (17): Helen Mar Kimball (14); Nancy Winchester (14) K.) Sad Ending 1-- [1850 Census record of Flora] (https://ancestors.familysearch.org/en/KLZY-ZB7/lucien-woodworth-1799-1868) – middle of the page 2--That same year Flora was staying in Kanesville Iowa ---1--Never making it to Utah, Flora passed away in Kanesville, Iowa around 1850. Helen Mar wrote, [“I never saw her again as she died at that place, leaving two or three children.”] (https://josephsmithspolygamy.org/plural-wives-overview/flora-ann-woodworth/) Flora would have been in her mid-twenties at the time. RESOURCES: [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-flora-ann-woodworth-13-may-1843/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-flora-ann-woodworth-13-may-1843/1) [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-flora-ann-woodworth-13-may-1843/2] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-flora-ann-woodworth-13-may-1843/2) [https://www.exmormon.org/phorum/read.php?2,58572] (https://www.exmormon.org/phorum/read.php?2,58572) [Some of my issues with the Nauvoo Polygamy Essay] (https://www.reddit.com/r/exmormon/comments/2muz15/some_of_my_issues_with_the_nauvoo_polygamy_essay/?ref_source=embed&ref=share) from [exmormon] (https://www.reddit.com/r/exmormon/) [Flora Ann Woodworth] (https://josephsmithspolygamy.org/plural-wives-overview/flora-ann-woodworth/) [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/person/flora-ann-woodworth-gove] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/person/flora-ann-woodworth-gove) [http://www.wivesofjosephsmith.org/19-FloraAnnWoodworth.htm] (http://www.wivesofjosephsmith.org/19-FloraAnnWoodworth.htm) [https://www.ancestry.com/genealogy/records/flora-ann-woodworth-24-1g3l7rw] (https://www.ancestry.com/genealogy/records/flora-ann-woodworth-24-1g3l7rw) [Flora Ann Woodworth] (https://josephsmithfoundation.org/flora-ann-woodworth/) [https://www.yearofpolygamy.com/tag/flora-ann-woodworth/] (https://www.yearofpolygamy.com/tag/flora-ann-woodworth/) [https://s3.amazonaws.com/researchties-uploads-553de69e5551e9.40089907/18/32385-LR%203102%2027_f0004_00014.JPG] (https://s3.amazonaws.com/researchties-uploads-553de69e5551e9.40089907/18/32385-LR%203102%2027_f0004_00014.JPG) [http://nauvoo.byu.edu/ViewExtract.aspx?Record=1850Pop&ID=15928] (http://nauvoo.byu.edu/ViewExtract.aspx?Record=1850Pop&ID=15928) [http://www.mormonthink.com/QUOTES/jsplural.htm] (http://www.mormonthink.com/QUOTES/jsplural.htm) [Flora Ann Woodworth · Collection] (https://www.mormonmugs.shop/collections/flora-ann-woodworth-collection) [https://shemwellfamily.com/webtrees/individual.php?pid=I26226&ged=Shemwell] (https://shemwellfamily.com/webtrees/individual.php?pid=I26226&ged=Shemwell) [https://www.yearofpolygamy.com/tag/flora-ann-woodworth/] (https://www.yearofpolygamy.com/tag/flora-ann-woodworth/) [https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/80764619/flora-ann-gove] (https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/80764619/flora-ann-gove) [https://www.ldscleardoctrine.com/Doctrine-and-Covenants/Joseph-Smiths-Personal-Practice-of-Plural-Marriage.php] (https://www.ldscleardoctrine.com/Doctrine-and-Covenants/Joseph-Smiths-Personal-Practice-of-Plural-Marriage.php) [https://www.google.com/books/edition/The_Historical_Record/Is1LAAAAMAAJ?hl=en&gbpv=1&pg=PA224&printsec=frontcover] (https://www.google.com/books/edition/The_Historical_Record/Is1LAAAAMAAJ?hl=en&gbpv=1&pg=PA224&printsec=frontcover) [http://www.withoutend.org/emmas-awareness-response-brian-hales-jmh-letter-editor/] (http://www.withoutend.org/emmas-awareness-response-brian-hales-jmh-letter-editor/) [This list the plural marriages around the same time] (https://watermark.silverchair.com/45228320.pdf?token=AQECAHi208BE49Ooan9kkhW_Ercy7Dm3ZL_9Cf3qfKAc485ysgAAArswggK3BgkqhkiG9w0BBwagggKoMIICpAIBADCCAp0GCSqGSIb3DQEHATAeBglghkgBZQMEAS4wEQQMiG8Jcn75nvD_vSiHAgEQgIICbod7z-mu2UAtcVCq2BVe3-V6cFNum9QZb3Zg1WHwh1vYo2Uul1uYLzX6mAcs8nw5K5kNpwZwuBlhLNgHXFfC34PTwPWMW7NXx2DGmmPR0mvSQOzVTd3xkMBJCTLhEKV8zq26xM2nDxCofluMTsnYssZIm2Jb3Y3OLfwcApCVFJpjbUmxsfywpHJ6oL7YTEYraFcZKDftViOAz30-fIOT2REvxQp8enqgr-0aqPojQfGI2pIB99OK3idD7w66zzngoVM95kUS8beHjhP7rLO6pmcSLCJEIlp0u7uev0pAd2KEp115eRJeu69E74AbS4yGarJ628OsGF618y-8RQtjp9f5JOegON7qUu-sYlBo0YS2xi6kf2pP5080lVcHnpX1_mr6SiKwn6jlQ3Hi1OVupkXu0LcdNUoCY7TJLsMvKI1if47Yv2MnKFtJW2fONmbgDJtZcHgC6rlL9jd_wdcp-ZfY-IaiKQ2lNNQgFfFvMv5XCr2g1UJmtqBzjHkKwbOIMrh6jlTb-cBp5hK3jJcOZYdc6jch6Qf59O8887sh6R_jwWHTlmxG3KJ_E9fA5NE-PSY8tjc5AOD6FRttulE4PIuEf0jhmZZa5GJ9KOG35S36aCwcCP4Qev2_YBcfER9B3hdMB_c0NgBuleCl8TsRrAmQH307mHpGui6DbSkqiGaYhIaWL3XmdQMx20TE4yxNmTgveP3T3rKhznansQ3YEt8uq9PPZQKi0UVLNKTYIdLvvZYhmVnNIQ-CfviAar1vASYqYptLH-2Xihy67malWwousWybEgSmDcNskiHbmth0U84UAHZtpHqE2oMTZHA) (should be an interesting read) [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/person/lucien-woodworth] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/person/lucien-woodworth) (Father) [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-lucien-woodworth-and-others-31-may-1843/1] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/deed-to-lucien-woodworth-and-others-31-may-1843/1) (Deed to parents) [May 1, 1843 Nauvoo, Illinois Joseph Smith paid Lucien Woodworth, general contractor, monies toward the building of the Nauvoo House. Sources: History of the Church,(link is external) Joseph Smith, 5:366, 372] (https://jschronology.byustudies.byu.edu/events/may-1-1843) [March 31, 1843 ~ Friday On the 31 friday I spent the afternoon at Mr Lucian Woodworth’s in company with Joseph Smith, Hiram Smith, Heber C. Kimball Orson Hyde, a Br Chase with our wives we had a feast of a fat turkey & had a good time] (https://wilfordwoodruffpapers.org/documents/6e34557b-3015-4803-9a97-d913b4afd003/page/a390a61e-9488-4ed7-9e9c-45a722334f6e) [http://www.joylogan.com/LDS/Parallel/1843/21Feb43.html] (http://www.joylogan.com/LDS/Parallel/1843/21Feb43.html) [Some book on Clayton’s recording plural marriage] (https://www.google.com/books/edition/Organization_of_the_Church_of_Jesus_Chri/t72ktcjiyGgC?hl=en&gbpv=1&dq=%22Flora+Ann+Woodworth%22&pg=PA34&printsec=frontcover) [https://doctrineandcovenantscentral.org/history/orange-l-wight/] (https://doctrineandcovenantscentral.org/history/orange-l-wight/) [https://americansocietyofarmscollectors.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/1978-B39-The-Feuding-Gunsmiths-Of-Denver.pdf] (https://americansocietyofarmscollectors.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/1978-B39-The-Feuding-Gunsmiths-Of-Denver.pdf) [https://mdpodcast.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/9/2022/10/1843-Land-Plot.png] (https://mdpodcast.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/9/2022/10/1843-Land-Plot.png) [Joseph Smith, Sarah Ann Whitney, and the Familial Dynamics of NauvooPolygamy] (https://benjaminepark.com/2017/10/16/sarah-ann-whitney-blessing/) [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/the-papers/documents] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/the-papers/documents) ... Read more

20 Oct 2022

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20 Oct 2022


Mormonism LIVE: 097: A Chat w/ Elder Bednar Part 2

A listener was able to have a candid chat with Elder Bednar recently and agreed to share with us how it went! This is part 2 of that conversation. Join us live! ... Read more

13 Oct 2022

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13 Oct 2022



One General Conference. Five Sessions. Ten hours. Thirty-Six Talks. ALL IN UNDER SIXTY MINUTES!!! ... Read more

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11 Oct 2022


Mormonism LIVE: 096: Mormonism & Masonry

RFM and Bill Reel will sit down with author Cheryl Bruno to discuss her book “Method Infinite: Freemasonry and the Mormon Restoration”. Synopsis of her book – “While no one thing can entirely explain the rise of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the historical influence of Freemasonry on this religious tradition cannot be refuted. Those who study Mormonism have been aware of the impact that Freemasonry had on the founding prophet Joseph Smith during the Nauvoo period, but his involvement in Freemasonry was arguably earlier and broader than many modern historians have admitted. The fact that the most obvious vestiges of Freemasonry are evident only in the more esoteric aspects of the Mormon faith has made it difficult to recognize, let alone fully grasp, the relevant issues. Even those with both Mormon and Masonic experience may not be versed in the nineteenth-century versions of Masonry’s rituals, legends, and practices. Without this specialized background, it is easy to miss the Masonic significance of numerous early Mormon ordinances, scripture, and doctrines. Method Infinite: Freemasonry and the Mormon Restoration offers a fresh perspective on the Masonic thread present in Mormonism from its earliest days. Smith’s firsthand knowledge of and experience with both Masonry and anti-Masonic currents contributed to the theology, structure, culture, tradition, history, literature, and ritual of the religion he founded.” Resources: Cheryl’s Book – [https://www.amazon.com/Method-Infinite-Freemasonry-Mormon-Restoration/dp/1589587537] (https://www.amazon.com/Method-Infinite-Freemasonry-Mormon-Restoration/dp/1589587537) [http://www.skirret.com/archive/misc/misc-m/mormonsmasonryandthemorganaffair.html] (http://www.skirret.com/archive/misc/misc-m/mormonsmasonryandthemorganaffair.html) [Mormon Discussion: 363: Signs, Tokens & Penalties – The LDS Mormon Temple Ceremony] (https://mormondiscussionpodcast.org/2022/04/mormon-discussion-363-lds-temple-signs-tokens-penalties/) [139: Greg Kearney: Mormonism & Masonry] (https://mormondiscussionpodcast.org/2015/04/greg-kearney-mormonism-masonry/) [https://abn.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/history/topics/masonry] (https://abn.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/history/topics/masonry) [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mormonism_and_Freemasonry] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mormonism_and_Freemasonry) [https://www.mrm.org/masonry-and-the-mormon-temple-endowment-ceremony] (https://www.mrm.org/masonry-and-the-mormon-temple-endowment-ceremony) ... Read more

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06 Oct 2022


Mormonism LIVE: 095: A Chat w/Elder Bednar

A listener was able to have a candid chat with Elder Bednar recently and agreed to share with us how it went! Join us live! ... Read more

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01 Oct 2022


Mormonism LIVE: 094: Joseph Smith & The Occult

Dan Vogel joins RFM to discuss the Occult in the Life of Joseph Smith and his family. ... Read more

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01 Oct 2022



Evidence has recently come to my attention that the LDS Church is currently engaged in removing miraculous elements from some of its cherished stories in Church History. This episode presents that evidence. Let me know what you think in the comments section below! ... Read more

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17 Sep 2022


Mormonism LIVE: 093: The Tar and Feathering of Joseph Smith

In Mormon parlance, the Tar and Feathering of Joseph Smith is a faith promoting story about a mob of mean men punishing Joseph Smith for being a prophet. But it doesn’t take one long when their ears are to the ground in non-correlated circles to hear rumblings that the tar and feathering is connected to something more devious on Joseph Smith’s end. In this episode Bill & RFM explore the story of Joseph Smith’s being tarred and feathered to see what info there is that can best explain this mob mentality in the wee hours of the morning of March 25, 1832. A.) Setup of the story with the context of [how Joseph Smith was in Hiram Ohio] (https://abn.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/2002/10/remembering-hiram-ohio?lang=eng&adobe_mc_ref=https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/2002/10/remembering-hiram-ohio?lang=eng&adobe_mc_sdid=SDID=5279ED76C909A048-0BFB7EA57675C9B7%7CMCORGID=66C5485451E56AAE0A490D45%40AdobeOrg%7CTS=1662991130) and what other historical context is needed to help people grasp this moment historically (Leaving out the possible scandalous context) 1--In 1818, John and Alice (known as Elsa) Johnson came to [Hiram, Ohio, about 31 miles southeast of Kirtland.] (https://mormonismlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/church_history_map.png) The family lived in several log cabins while they [built a home directly across the road.] (https://mormonismlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/john-johnson-farm-home-2.jpg) The Johnsons had 15 children; 9 lived to adulthood: Alice, Fanny, John Jr., Luke, Olmstead, Lyman, Emily, Marinda, and Justin. 2--Sidney Rigdon became a pastor in Mentor Ohio(adjacent & NE of Kirtland). He became converted to Mormonism via Parley Pratt’s mission whom he knew, while Smith lived in NY. After Sidney Rigdon baptized John and Elsa’s 19-year-old son, Lyman, in February 1831, the couple read the Book of Mormon and believed. By May, all members of the Johnson family were baptized except Olmstead, who had moved to Mexico. 3--Later that year, the Prophet, seeking a peaceful, secluded place in which to continue his work of translating the Bible, accepted an invitation from the Johnsons to live in their home. Joseph and Emma came on 12 September 1831 with their four-month-old adopted twins, Joseph and Julia. Converts Sidney and Phebe Rigdon settled with their six young children across the road in a log cabin. 4--Elsa Johnson the wife of John Johnson, who had suffered from chronic rheumatism in her arm for years, asked John to take her to Kirtland so the Prophet Joseph Smith could heal her. When the Prophet blessed her, she was completely healed. (Even some quakers make mention of this healing) 5--Some of the following is overlap but it also contains additional facts [After returning to Ohio from Missouri in late August 1831] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/doc/documents-volume-2-part-2-introduction-hiram-ohio-fall-1831) , JS made preparations to move his family from Kirtland to Hiram, Ohio, where he planned to resume his “translation,” or revision, of the Bible—a project he had been working on since 1830. The move occurred on 12 September 1831, following a conference held in Kirtland that same day.1 In Hiram, JS and his family stayed at the John and Alice (Elsa) Jacobs Johnson home, sleeping probably in a back room on the main level. In the end of October, the Johnsons partitioned an upstairs room, creating a work space for JS in the southeast portion of the house, where he worked on the Bible revision.2 Beginning in September, John Whitmer served as scribe for this project, working on the books of Matthew and Mark, until Sidney Rigdon assumed this responsibility in November.3 Periodically, JS traveled to Kirtland or other townships in northeastern Ohio to conduct church business,4 but he spent most of the fall in Hiram. B.) How the mob mentality was built up and tensions arose 1--In the early 1831, Ezra Booth and Symonds Ryder, both ministers joined Mormonism. Booth and Ryder became strong supporters of Smith and Rigdon. While Booth was on a church mission to Jackson County, Missouri, he witnessed a dispute between Edward Partridge, Bishop of the Mormon Church in Jackson County, and Joseph Smith. Booth became disillusioned with Mormonism and returned to Ohio to report what he had seen in Missouri. Symonds Ryder also became disaffected for mulitple reasons though one of those is that after Joseph alleged a revelation calling Ryder to serve a mission. [Smith and Rigdon both signed the official call but misspelled Ryder’s name] (https://mormonismlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/download.webp) . Ryder thought a real revelation from God would never do such a thing.(Didn’t he read the Book of Mormon) When Booth and Ryder met in the fall of 1831, they shared their experiences and concluded that they had been deceived. They both left Mormonism and returned to their former faiths. Both men became strong critics of Mormonism in Ohio, focusing on Smith and Rigdon. Booth, at the encouragement of a Reverend Ira Eddy, wrote nine letters to the Ohio Star newspaper published between October and December, 1831. The letters criticized Mormon doctrines and Smith’s and Rigdon’s character andaccused the Mormon leaders of a scheme to get control of their followers’ property (D&C 51 United Order/Law of Consecration). These letters were widely circulated and generated fierce local opposition to the Mormons. By December of 31, Smith and Rigdon temporarily paused their revision of the bible to start rebutting the accusations by Booth and Ryder. Rigdon had his own letters published to the Ohio Star pushing back against Booth and Ryder to discuss their charges in public. In one article, Rigdon purposefully misspelled Ryder’s name apparently to irritate him. Tensions increased on both sides.(The letters are reprinted in their entirety in Eber Howe, Mormonism Unvailed (Painesville: E.D. Howe, 1834).also (Ohio Star, Plainesville, Ohio, 12 January 1832) 2--A short time before the tar and feathering attack a hole was bored in the door of the house where Rigdon was staying and filled with black powder in an attempt to kill Rigdon. ( [Short Portage County Democrat, Ravenna, Ohio 15 February 1860] (https://mormonismlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Portage-County-Democrat15Feb1860Page1.png) ) 3--Mob consisted of 10 to 11 men minimum and as many as 25-30 based on eyewitness accounts and second hand sources C.) The event as described by Joseph Smith (Where Joseph abbreviates the mob’s language we have inserted the actual swearing) Joseph’s telling reiterated in Lucy Mack Smith’s History and published originally in the Times and Seasons, vol. 5, p. 611. Millennial Star, vol. 14, p. 148. – “On thetwenty-fourth of March [1832], thetwins before mentioned, which had been sick of the measles for some time, caused us to be broken of our rest in taking care of them, especially my wife. In the evening I told her she had better retire to rest with one of the children, and I would watch with thesicker child (Murdock Boy).[iv] In the night she told me I had better lie down on the trundle bed, and I did so, and was soon after awakened by her screaming murder! when I found myself going out of the door in the hands of about a dozen men; some of whose hands were in my hair, and some had hold of my shirt, drawers, and limbs. The foot of the trundle bed was towards the door, leaving only room enough for the door to swing. “My wife heard a gentle tapping on the windows, which she then took no particular notice of (but which was unquestionably designedfor ascertaining whether we were all asleep), and, soon after, the mob burst open the door and surrounded the bed in an instant,[v] and, as I said, the first I knew I was going out of the door in the hands of an infuriated mob. I made a desperate struggle, as I was forced out, to extricate myself, but only cleared one leg with which I made a pass at one man and he fell on the door steps.[vi] I was immediately confined again, and they swore by God, they would kill me if I did not be still, which quieted me. As they passed around the house with me, the fellow that I kicked came to me and thrust his hand into my face all covered with blood (for I hit him on the nose), and with an exultant horse laugh, muttered, ‘God, God, God damn ye, I’ll fix ye.’ “They then seized me by the throat and held on till I lost my breath. After I came to, as they passed along with me, about thirty rods from the house,[vii]I saw Elder Rigdon stretched out on the ground, whither they had dragged him by the heels. I supposed he was dead. “I began to plead with them, saying, ‘you will have mercy and spare my life, I hope.’ To which they replied, ‘God damn ye, call on yer God for help, we’ll show ye no mercy’; and the people began to show themselves in every direction; one coming from the orchard had a plank and I expected they would kill me and carry me off on a plank.[viii] They then turned to the right and went on about thirty rods farther-about sixty rods from the house[ix] and about thirty from where I saw Elder Rigdon-into the meadow, where they stopped, and one said, ‘Simonds, Simonds,’ (meaning, I supposed, Simonds Rider), ‘pull up his drawers, pull up his drawers, he will take cold.’ “Another replied, ‘Ain’t ye going to kill ‘im? Ain’t ye going to kill ‘im?’ when a group of mobbers collected a little way off and said, ‘Simonds, Simonds, come here’; and Simonds charged those who had hold of me to keep me from touching the ground (as they had done all the time), lest I should get a spring upon them. They went and held a council, and as I could occasionally overhear a word, I supposed it was to know whether it was best to kill me. “They returned, after a while, when I learned that they had concluded not to kill me, but pound and scratch me well, tear off my shirt and drawers, and leave me naked. One cried, ‘Simonds, Simonds, where is the tar bucket?’ “‘I don’t know,’ answered one, ‘where ’tis,Eli’sleft it.’ They ran back andfetched the bucket of tar, when one exclaimed, with an oath, ‘Let us tar up his mouth’; and they tried to force the tar paddle into my mouth; I twisted my head around so that they could not, and they cried out, ‘God damn ye, hold up yer head and let us giv ye some tar.’They then tried to force a vial into my mouth and broke it in my teeth.[x] All my clothes were torn off me, except my shirt collar; andone man fell on me and scratched my body with his nails like a mad cat, and then muttered out, ‘God damn ye, that’s the way the Holy Ghost falls on folks.’ “They then left me, and I attempted to rise, but fell again;I pulled the tar away from my lips, etc., so that I could breathe more freely, and after a while I began to recover and raised myself up, when I saw two lights. I made my way towards one of them and found it was Father Johnson’s. When I had come to the door I was naked, and the tar made me look as though I was covered with blood; and whenmy wife saw me, she thought I was all mashed to pieces and fainted. During the affray abroad, the sisters of the neighborhood had collected at my room. I called for a blanket, they threw me one and shut the door; I wrapped it around me, and went in. “In the meantime, Brother John Poorman heard an outcry across the cornfield, and running that way metFather Johnson, who had been fastened in his house at the commencement of the assault, by having his door barred by the mob, but on calling to his wife to bring his gun, saying he would blow a hole through the door, the mob fled, and Father Johnson, seizing a club, ran after the party that had Elder Rigdon, and knocked one man, and raised his club to level another, exclaiming: “What are you doing here?”[xi] when they left Elder Rigdon and turned upon Father Johnson, who, turning to run towards his own house, met Brother Poorman coming out of the cornfield; each supposing the other to be a mobber, an encounter ensued, and Poorman gave Johnson a severe blow on the left shoulder with a stick or stone, which brought him to the ground. Poorman ran immediately towards Father Johnson’s, and arriving while I was waiting for the blanket, exclaimed: ‘I’m afraid I’ve killed him.’ ‘Killed who?’ asked one; when Poorman hastily related the circumstances of the encounter near the cornfield, and went into the shed and hid himself. Father Johnson soon recovered so as to come to the house, when the whole mystery was quickly solved concerning the difficulty between him and Poorman, who, on learning the facts, joyfully came from his hiding place.[xii]“My friends spent the night in scraping and removing the tar, and washing and cleansing my body, so that by morning I was ready to be clothed again. This being Sabbath morning, the people assembled for meeting at the usual hour of worship, andamong them came also the mobbers, viz., Simonds Rider, a Campbellite preacher and leader of the mob; one McClentic, who had his hands in my hair; one Streeter, son of a Campbellite minister; and Felatiah Allen, Esq., who gave the mob a barrel of whisky to raise their spirits; and many others.With my flesh all scarified and defaced, I preached to the congregation as usual, and in the afternoon of the same day baptized three individuals.“The next morningI went to see Elder Rigdon and found him crazy, and his head highly inflamed, for they had dragged him by his heels, and those, too, so high from the ground that he could not raise his head from the rough, frozen surface, which lacerated it exceedingly; andwhen he saw me he called to his wife to bring him his razor. She asked him what he wanted of it; and he replied, to kill me. Sister Rigdon left the room, and he asked me to bring his razor. I asked him what he wanted of it, and he replied he wanted to kill his wife; and he continued delirious some days. The feathers which were used with the tar on this occasion, the mob took out of Elder Rigdon’s house. After they had seized him, and dragged him out, one of the banditti returned to get some pillows; when the women shut him in and kept him a prisoner some time. “During the mobbing, one of the twins contracted a severe cold, and continued to grow worse till Friday and died.[xiii] Themobbers were composed of various religious parties, but mostly Campbellites, Methodists and Baptists, who continued to molest and menace Father Johnson’s house for a long time.” D.) Details of story as suggested by those involved as well as additional researchers after the fact. Some of these came out in the narrative we just read others are added from additional sources. 1--March 24 1832 2--Tapping on the window ---1--They were perhaps testing to see who was asleep 3--Joseph Smith was occupying [the room of a house brother Johnson was living in] (http://ensignpeakfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/JS-Johnson-Hiram-home-Mar09-01.jpg) , at the same time; it was a two story building, had steps in front. The mob surrounded the house, the twins being afflicted with measles, Joseph was lying upon a trundle bed with one of them. The mob rushed in, gathered up Joseph while in his bed (apparently separating him from the Murdock boy in doing so), took him out in his night clothes, and carried him out on to the top of the steps. 4--Joseph got a foot at liberty and kicked one of the men, and knocked him down off the steps, and theprint of his head and shoulders were visible on the ground in the morning. 5--Warren Waste – Warren Waste, who was the strongest man in the western reserve considered himself perfectly able to handle Joseph alone, but when they got hold of himWaste cried out, “do not let him touch the ground, or he will run over the whole of us.” Waste suggested in carrying him to cross his legs, for they said that would make it easier for the Prophet, but that was done in consequence of the severe pain it would give to the small of the back. 6-- [Tar and Feathering] (https://mormonismlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/tar-feathering.png) – Someone brought forward a bucket of hot tar which they then smeared over Joseph’s lacerated body, at the same time trying to force the tar paddle into his mouth. He resisted. ---1--Observer & Telegraph, a local Ohio newspaper – “TRIUMPHS OF THE MORMON FAITH” — Several verbal statements agree in establishing the following facts.” “That on Saturday night, March 24, a number of persons, some say 25 or 30, disguised with coloured faces, entered the rooms in Hiram, where the two Mormonite leaders, Smith and Rigdon were sleeping, and took them,together with the pillows on which they slept, carried them a short distance and after besmearing their bodies with tar,applied the contents of the pillows to the same. 1-- [What sort of harm tar and feathering caused] (https://allthingsliberty.com/2013/12/5-myths-tarring-feathering/) – The notion that hot tar caused severe, sometimes fatal burns is based on the assumption that “tar” meant the asphalt we use on roads, which is typically stored in liquid state at about 300°F (150°C). Butin the eighteenth century “tar” meant pine tar, used for several purposes in building and maintaining ships. As any baseball fan knows,pine tar doesn’t have to be very hot to be sticky. Shipyards did warm that tar to make it flow more easily, but pine tar starts to melt at about 140°F (60°C). That’s well above the ideal for bathwater, but far from the temperature of hot asphalt. Pine tar could be hot enough to injure someone. The Loyalist judge Peter Oliver complained that when a mob attacked Dr. Abner Beebe of Connecticut, “hot Pitch was poured upon him, which blistered his Skin.”[i] But other victims of tarring and feathering [didn’t mention severe or lasting burns among their injuries.] (https://mormonismlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/tarfeatheredman.png) Rioters probably applied the tar with a mop or brush, lowering its temperature. Sometimes they tarred people more gently over their clothing. 1--Castration– Dr. Dennison had been employed to perform a surgical operation, but he declined when the time came to operate. ---1--Castration was often a punishment for a sexual misdeed but not always. 2--Poison– He was daubed with tar, feathered and choked, and aquafortis was attempted to be poured into his mouth. ---1--Aqua fortis, in the old chemistry ( now called nitric acid.Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary). ---2--The liquid they poured into his mouth was so powerful, that it killed the grasswhere some of it had been scattered on the ground. ---3--Joseph Clenched his teeth hard to prevent them from poisoning him and in the process apparentlychipped a tooth 3--Joseph is reported by the mob to have said,be merciful, when they told him to call upon his God for mercy. They immediately, as he began to pray,heard an alarmwhich made them think they were about to be surprised, and left suddenly. (I looked for the source of this and like many other alleged data points, was unable to locate a source and verify the detail) 4--Rigdon also assaulted– Sidney Rigdon, who resided near by, had been dragged by the heels out of his bed at the same time, and his body stripped and a coat of tar and feathers applied. Thenext morning he was crazy, his head greatly inflamed and lacerated. ---1--Some records indicated he was abused after Joseph but the most reliable statements have him being abused first including how Joseph reported the event. ---2--Hiram 1800-1850, Portage County, Ohio Genweb – Sidney Rigden, who furnished the brains for the Mormon movement in its infancy, took up his abode in a log house across the street from the Johnsons. 5--Others may have been assaulted as well – Hiram 1800-1850, Portage County, Ohio Genweb – In the confusion [Miss Vashti Higley (Vastali Higley)was dragged from her bed] (http://files.usgwarchives.net/oh/portage/history/Hiram.txt) . The mistake was soon discovered. [Miss Higley afterward married Peter Whitmer] (https://witnessesofthebookofmormon.org/eight-witnesses/peter-whitmer-jr/biography/) , one of the original witnesses to the “golden plates” on which the Mormon bible was based. 6--Joseph after being cleaned up the best that could be done preached a sermon the next morning and3 people were baptized. Joseph found his way in from the light of the house, the mob having abandoned him. While he was engaged ingetting off the tar by the application of grease, soap and other materials, ---1-- [Philemon Duzette] (https://familypedia.fandom.com/wiki/Philemon_Duzette_(1782-1834)) , the father of our celebrated drummer, came there, and seeing the Prophet in this condition, took it as an evidence of the truth of “Mormonism,” and was baptized. ------1--Philemon joined the group of volunteers who followed the Prophet Joseph Smith on the march for Zion’s Camp. They left Ohio 6th of May 1834 and headed towards [Missouri] (https://familypedia.fandom.com/wiki/Missouri) to aid the suffering Latter-day Saints there. It was a grueling journey wrought with danger, hunger, and fatigue.Philemon did not return from this march; the family never saw him again. We surmise that he died somewhere along the way. 1--Murdock twins (Julia and Joseph) – themurdock boy diedlater proposedly from the exposure to the cold during the tar and feathering event. These circumstances exposed the life of the child, the measles struck in and caused its death, and the whole of this persecution was got up through the influence of those apostates; and it made it necessary to keep up a constant watch lest some violence should be repeated. 2--Various Books on Mormonism have additional facts/conjecture ---1--According to recorded accounts of the event, the mob broke down the front door,took Smith’s oldest surviving adopted child from his arms,[5 McKiernan, F. Mark (1971), The Voice of One crying in the Wilderness: Sidney Rigdon, Religious Reformer, 1793-1876, Lawrence, KS: Corondao Press, ISBN 978-0-87291-024-9 ] ---2--dragged Smith from the room,leaving his exposed child on a trundle bed and forcing Emma and the others from the house, the mob threatening her with rape and murder.[6 Johnson, Luke (1864), “History of Luke Johnson, by Himself”, The Latter Day Saints’ Millennial Star, 26: 834] ---3--The child was knocked off the bed onto the floor in the doorwayof the home as Smith was forcibly removed from his home.[7Joseph Smith: The First Mormon – Donna Hill 1977] ---4--The child died from exposure (many accounts say pneumonia) five days after the event [8Newell, Linda King; Avery, Valeen Tippetts (1984), Mormon Enigma: Emma Hale Smith, Prophet’s Wife, “Elect Lady,” Polygamy’s Foe, Garden City, NY: Doubleday, ISBN 0-252-02399-4] ---5--from thecondition that doctors said he developed the night of the mob violence.[9 Smith, Lucy Mack (1853), Biographical Sketches of Joseph Smith the Prophet, and His Progenitors for Many Generations, Liverpool: S.W. Richards, archived from the original on 2004-04-30 ] E.) The additional data that is left out of Faith promoting tellings, recognizing some of it may be unsubstantiated. 1--Injuries and fate of the assailants– Luke Johnson informed us that Warren Waste was afterwards a cripple, rendered so by weakness in the small of the back, and Dr. Dennison died in the Ohio Penitentiary where he was incarcerated for procuring an abortion, which caused death; Luke’s history does not mention the fate of Warren Waste but does say that Carnot Mason “had an attack of the spinal affection” and Dr. Dennison died in prison (does not cite offense). They tore out a patch of his hair by the roots that never grew back. They injured his side in such a way that it pained him the rest of his life and Joseph claimed an out of body near death experience – Joseph would later describe standing above his body and watching as the mob beat him and poured the acid over his face and neck. Then a noise was heard and the mob fled in fear leaving Joseph upon the ground. Slowly, he regained consciousness. He tried to sit up but couldn’t. Unable to breathe, he pulled the tar from his mouth. After a time, he made his way home. Emma stood in the doorway and fainted at the sight of him. Joseph asked for a blanket for cover and went inside by the fire. His friends spent the night peeling and scraping the tar from his body, sometimes taking off layers of skin with it. 2--Alibi of Symonds Ryder– “At Symonds Ryder’s funeral (in 1870), his son Hartwell Ryder spoke of his father and said all these glowing things. Then he said, ‘On the books of the Mormon Church out in Utah, it says that Symonds Ryder led the tarring and feathering of Joseph Smith,’” Hartwell, his son, then said, [“I well remember that night. My father was extremely ill and spent the night in the outhouse.”] (https://www.ldsliving.com/when-a-mob-failed-to-murder-the-prophet-joseph-smith-twice/s/89143) a.) But it appears that perhaps Susan Easton Black was distorting the story. [The source found said the following] (http://www.sidneyrigdon.com/features/hiram2.htm) – After the event, if anyone inquired of the whereabouts of any of the mobbers of 24 March, an appropriate alibi was ready. These alibis were even passed to the next generation. For example, according to Ryder’s son, Hartwell, Ryder was not involved in the tarring and feathering of Joseph Smith. Nor did he preach on the following Sunday in the south schoolhouse on Ryder Road and glory that he had been an instrument of the Lord in driving the Mormons out of Hiram. Instead, Hartwell wrote, Ryder was “ill in bed at the time.” 1-- [Clark Braden] (https://mormonismlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/ClarkBraden.pdf) : Marinda Nancy Johnson [(Hyde)’s brother “Eli” led the mob against Joseph in Hiram because he had been “too intimate with his sister Marinda (17 – born june 28, 1815), who afterwards married Orson Hyde.] (https://mormonismlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Eli-Johnson-Fawn-Brodie.png) Brigham Young, in after years, twitted Hyde with this fact, and hyde, on learning its truth, put away his wife, although they had several children” ---1--Genealogical archives in SLC show that Hyde did in fact take “Nancy” on July 31st 1857 and have her sealed “for eternity” to Joseph Smith. (Sealing? April 1842) ---2--Joseph Smith in the handwriting of Thomas Bullock – Joseph Smith’s journal contains a list of a few of his plural wives written after the July 14, 1843, entry in the handwriting of Thomas Bullock: “Apri 42 marinda Johnson to Joseph Smith.” – Photography of hologram in Richard E. Turley, Jr. Selected Collections from the Archives of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Provo, Utah: Brigham Young University Press, 2002) ------1--Brian Hales: “It is not known whether the statement “let my handmaid Nancy Marinda Hyde hearken to the counsel of my servant Joseph in all things whatsoever he shall teach unto her” is a general admonition or a specific reference, perhaps to plural marriage.” ------2--Hales – Generally, a signed affidavit is considered more reliable than an entry in a journal by a scribe from an unknown source, but whether the first date is in error or two sealing ceremonies were performed is unclear. ---3--Brian Hales – “Marinda personally testified concerning asecond sealingthrough a signed affidavit “that on the [blank] day of May A.D. 1843, at the City of Nauvoo, County of Hancock, State of Illinois, She was married or Sealed to Joseph Smith, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, by Brigham Young, President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, of Said Church, according to the laws of the same, regulating Marriage; in the presence of Eliza Maria Partridge Lyman, and Emily Dow Partridge Young.” ---4--Brian Hales- “The relationship between Joseph Smith and Marinda Nancy Johnson is difficult to decipher due to a lack of evidence. Todd Compton assessed: “For such an important woman, Marinda is surprisingly under-documented. I know of no holograph by her and have found only four letters to her.” “Marinda left no known reference to the marriage [with Joseph Smith], beyond signing an affidavit attesting that it happened.”” ---5--John D Lee – “Hyde’s wife,with his consent, was sealed to Joseph for an eternal state.” ---6--Brian Hales – “If the 1842 date for the sealing between Joseph and Marinda’s marriage is correct, then Joseph may have been sealed to Marinda in an eternity-only sealing without Orson Hyde’s knowledge.” ---7--Marinda, while Orson was on his mission in Jerusalem “had to live in a little log house whose windows had no glass but in place of which were pieces of greased paper…A little cornmeal and a few groceries were all the provisions remaining to sustain her and the little ones.”. Noting Marinda’s living conditions, Joseph Smith received the following revelation dated December 2, 1841: “Verily thus saith the Lord unto you my servant Joseph. that inasmuch as you have called upon me to know my will concerning my handmaid Nancy Marinda Hyde Behold it is my will that she should have a better place prepared for her than that in which she now lives…and let my handmaid Nancy Marinda Hyde hearken to the counsel of my servant Joseph in all things whatsoever he shall teach unto her…” ---8--Hales “The details of the relationship between Marinda and the Prophet will probably never be known. If Marinda had chosen Joseph as her eternal husband, she apparently changed her mind because she chose to be sealed to her legal husband Orson Hyde in the Nauvoo temple on January 11, 1846” ---9--Hales – “Marinda Nancy Johnson relocated to Salt Lake City in 1852 and later divorced Orson Hyde and was resealed by proxy to Joseph Smith. She died in 1886, having kept the faith in the Church.” ---10-William Hall – Hall, William, The Abominations of Mormonism Exposed; containing many Facts and Doctrines concerning that singular people during seven years’ membership with them, from 1840 to 1847, Cincinnati: I. hart, 1852, excerpts. –Hall claims that Orson hyde agreed to give Joseph all his money and his wife in order to be permitted back into the Church after his apostasy 2--Arthur Deming 3rd hand from Rev. Whitney (Newell K Whitney’s Brother – hostile to the church) – He stated that one of the party who tarred and feathered Sydney Rigdon and Jo Smith at John Johnson’s, in Hiram, O., informed him that Rigdon said to their assailants he presumed they were gentlemen, but Jo Smith fought until overpowered. A doctor present offered to castrate Jo and said he would warrant him to live. It was not done. Several of Johnson’s sons were of the party. They were angry because their father was urged by Jo and Rigdon to let them have his property. He finally did give them some of it, and moved to Kirtland and kept tavern, and his son Luke became one of the first Mormon Twelve Apostles. 3--Marinda Nancy Johnson – “Here I feel like bearing my testimony that during the whole year that Joseph was an inmate of my father’s house I never saw aught in his daily life or conversation to make me doubt his divine mission.” 4--Van Wagoner perhaps quoting Marvin Hill – That an incident between Smith and Nancy Johnson precipitated the mobbing is unlikely. Sidney Rigdon was attacked just as viciously by the group as was Smith. And the leader of the mob, Simonds Ryder, later said that the attack occurred because members of the mob had found some documents that led them to believe “the horrid fact that a plot was laid to take their property from them and place it under the control of Smith” (Hill 1977, 146). 5--John Johnson had no son Eli . His only sons were John, Jr., Luke, Olmstead, and Lyman (Newell and Avery 1984, 41).”. ---1--BUT WAIT – Joseph Smith or scribe Willard Richards says in the manuscript history of the church –“I would remark that nothing important had occurred since I came to reside at father Johnson’s house in Hiram; I had held meetings on the sabbaths and evenings and baptized a number. Father Johnsons Son, Olmsted Johnson, about this time [March, 1832] came home on a visit, during which I told him if he did not obey the gospel, the spirit he was of would lead him to destruction, and when he went away, he would never return or see his father again…. In addition to the apostate Ezra Booth, Symonds Rider, Eli Johnson, Edward Johnson and John Johnson jr. had apostatized…. soon after [at the Johnson house on the 24th of March] the mob burst open the door and surrounded the bed in an instant, and, as I said, the first I knew I was going out of the door in the hands of an infuriated mob… I was immediately confined… they swore by God, they would kill me if I did not be still, which quieted me…. one cried, ‘Simonds, Simonds, where’s the tar bucket?’ ‘I don’t know’ answered one, ‘where ’tis, Eli’s left it.’… by morning I was ready to be clothed again. This being Sabbath morning, the people assembled for meeting at the usual hour of worship, and among those came also the mobbers; viz: Simonds Rider, a Campbelite preacher, and leader of the mob; one McClentic, son of a Campbelite preacher, and Pelatiah Allen, Esq. who gave the mob a barrel of whiskey to raise their spirits; and many others.” ---2-- [Fawn Brodie was in fact incorrect in naming Eli Johnson as Mirinda’s brother.] (https://mormonismlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Eli-Johnson-Fawn-Brodie.png) Eli was actually a name of one of her uncles. According to LDS family search.com. Eli was a uncle, brother to Mirinda’s father, John. Son of Israel Johnson wich may have been enough to be motivated by Joseph ‘s sexual advances with his niece not his sister and the fact that he believed that Joseph was also using his position to take the Johnson farm…it should be pointed out that in this Joseph succeeded since John Johnson did in fact give a portion of his property to smith and did eventually marry Mirinda as one of his plural wives. ---3--Luke Johnson – “[W]hile Joseph was yet at my father’s, a mob of forty or fifty came to his house, a few entered his room in the middle of the night, and Carnot Mason dragged Joseph out of bed by the hair of his head; he was then seized by as many as could get hold of him, and taken about forty rods from the house, stretched on a board, and tantalized in the most insulting and brutal manner; they tore off the few night clothes that he had on,for the purpose of emasculating him, and had Dr. Dennison there to perform the operation[castration]; but when the Dr. saw the Prophet stripped and stretched on the plank, his heart failed him, and he refused to operate. The mob … in attempting to force open his jaws, they broke one of his front teeth to pour a vial of some obnoxious drug [aqua-fortis, a poison] into his mouth. The mob [then] became divided [because they] did not succeed, … but [instead had to settle for] poured tar over him, and then stuck feathers in it and left him … [then] part of the mob went to the house that Sidney Rigdon occupied, and dragged him out, and besmeared him with tar and feathers. Persons identified as being part of this attack besides Mason and Dr. Dennison, included Simonds Ryder, Warren Waste, Jacob Scott, a man named Fullar, andEli Johnson. Many of these men had recently apostatized from the church” “The History of Luke Johnson (By Himself.,),” Deseret News 8 (May 26, 1858) ------1--Strange he would refer to his brother or uncle without mentioning the relationship. ---4--Also is it possible that Eli is short for Lyman aks Ly/Eli? Lyman also has an alibi, he was on an eastern mission for much of 1832. he was with Orson Pratt continuously from Feb 3 to Nov 8 ---5--FairMormon- Eli was partially blind, fond of drink, disgruntled, the village tale-bearer, and lived in outhouses (apparently not a big property owner). He is known to have lived his last 50 years in Battleboro, NH (1809-1859), posing further difficulty for him being in Ohio for long and being Clark Braden’s source. He would have been around 50 when Joseph was tarred and feathered and not easily mistaken for Marinda’s brother. 6--Richard Bushman – The men who attacked Joseph Smith were respectable people who for some reason detested him. [https://www.byutv.org/db5b29ab-142f-45fd-bbb6-d49ee6e7c34b/joseph-smith-papers-visions-and-blessings-tar-and-feathers?player-open=true&listid=874e14b6-098f-453a-b472-39c19a18f20e&listindex=25&content-id=db5b29ab-142f-45fd-bbb6-d49ee6e7c34b] (https://www.byutv.org/db5b29ab-142f-45fd-bbb6-d49ee6e7c34b/joseph-smith-papers-visions-and-blessings-tar-and-feathers?player-open=true&listid=874e14b6-098f-453a-b472-39c19a18f20e&listindex=25&content-id=db5b29ab-142f-45fd-bbb6-d49ee6e7c34b) F.) Conclusion 1--While there is some data lending credibility to the claim of sexual misconduct being at least part of the motive of the 24th March 1832 such as the attempted Castration and the later allegations and sealing/marriage of Smith to Marinda Nancy Hyde, this is weak at best and is clouded by the errors [created by Fawn Brodie] (https://mormonismlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/NoManKnowsMyHistory.png) and perpetuated by critics who wish to see misconduct on the part of Mormon Leaders at every turn. 2--There may have been multiple motives of the mob but it seems the clearest explanation for the events of that night can be best understood by the words of Symonds Ryder himself. ---1--Symonds Ryder later defended his actions against Smith and the Mormons, explaining that the attack was not a manifestation of religious intolerance. In fact, the people of Hiram were “liberal” and “disposed to turn out and hear” the Mormons and other religions. The attacks, Ryder argued, came in response to “the horrid fact that a plot was laid to take their property from them and place it under the control of Joseph Smith the prophet.” Ryder defended his actions and was pleased with the result of the violence. “This had the desired effect, which was to get rid of them. They [the Mormons] soon left for Kirtland.” ( Symonds Ryder, “Letter to A.S. Hayden,” 1 February 1868, in Amos Sutton Hayden, Early History of the Disciples in the Western Reserve (Cincinnati: Chase and Hall, 1875), 220-21) 3--Hence we (myself included) need to quit perpetuating the story about Eli and his sister Marinda Nancy Hyde and focus on the thousand other legitimate places to raise criticism and expose problematic history. 4--Possible Concluding Statement – Thesis TARRED AND FEATHERED: MORMONS, MEMORY, AND RITUAL VIOLENCE by John Kimball Alexander “The motives of the mob are best understood as a public manifestation of the personal feud between Smith and Rigdon, and Ryder and Booth. When Booth and Ryder left Mormonism, they seemed to believe that their attacks against Smith and Rigdon would go unchallenged and result in the fall of Mormonism. One man wrote that Booth gave Mormons “such a coloring, or appearance of falsehood, that the public feeling was, that ‘Mormonism’ was overthrown.”51 Yet Smith and Rigdon launched a campaign against Booth and Ryder that rebuffed their accusations and discredited both men. Particularly Ryder, the likely organizer and leader of the mob, seemed determined to pursue a personal vendetta against Smith and Rigdon. Ryder claimed that the central factor was property, especially the perceived loss of property among Smith’s followers and the corresponding accumulation of property in Smith’s hands. The doctrine of Mormonism that would come to be called the Law of Consecration required members to deed their property to the Church to be used collectively for the benefit of all Mormons under the oversight of Mormon leaders. Individual Mormons would then receive land back from the Church as “stewardships’ from which they were to provide for their families and then distribute any excess for the care of the poor. This redistribution of property and wealth caused a fury amongst some Mormons who viewed private property ownership as a central component of their broader American identity. Ryder and Booth’s war of words against Smith and Rigdon, combined with charges of property aggrandizement against Smith, generated an atmosphere wherein generally peaceful Ohioans resorted to violence in an effort to protect both reputation and property.”RESOURCES: [The Tarring and Feathering of Joseph Smith] (https://historyofthesaints.org/the-tarring-and-feathering-of-joseph-smith/) [https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/manual/primary-5/lesson-21?lang=eng] (https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/manual/primary-5/lesson-21?lang=eng) [https://www.loc.gov/item/2003654762/] (https://www.loc.gov/item/2003654762/) [https://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/57996-why-was-joseph-smith-really-tarred-and-feathered/] (https://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/57996-why-was-joseph-smith-really-tarred-and-feathered/) [Joseph and Sidney Are Tarred and Feathered] (https://historyofmormonism.com/mormon-history/two-church-centers/tcc-1832/joseph-and-sidney-tarred/) [http://www.fourth-millennium.net/family-travels/warren-waste-articles.html] (http://www.fourth-millennium.net/family-travels/warren-waste-articles.html) [https://collections.lib.utah.edu/dl_files/90/95/90952bc05f541dc324afb5725a0dc6a7e34be159.pdf] (https://collections.lib.utah.edu/dl_files/90/95/90952bc05f541dc324afb5725a0dc6a7e34be159.pdf) [https://www.ldsliving.com/when-a-mob-failed-to-murder-the-prophet-joseph-smith-twice/s/89143] (https://www.ldsliving.com/when-a-mob-failed-to-murder-the-prophet-joseph-smith-twice/s/89143) [https://www.byutv.org/player/db5b29ab-142f-45fd-bbb6-d49ee6e7c34b/joseph-smith-papers-visions-and-blessings-tar-and-feathers?listid=874e14b6-098f-453a-b472-39c19a18f20e&listindex=25] (https://www.byutv.org/player/db5b29ab-142f-45fd-bbb6-d49ee6e7c34b/joseph-smith-papers-visions-and-blessings-tar-and-feathers?listid=874e14b6-098f-453a-b472-39c19a18f20e&listindex=25) [Tarred & Feathered] (https://blog.mrm.org/2006/03/tarred-feathered/) [http://scottgemmell.blogspot.com/2010/10/tar-and-feathering-of-prophet-joseph.html?m=1] (http://scottgemmell.blogspot.com/2010/10/tar-and-feathering-of-prophet-joseph.html?m=1) [Some Events following the Tarring and Feathering of JosephSmith] (https://josephsmithandthebookofmormon.wordpress.com/2016/02/20/events-following-the-tarring-and-feathering-of-joseph-smith/) [https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/minutes-17-february-1833/1#foot-notes] (https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/minutes-17-february-1833/1#foot-notes) [https://journals.tplondon.com/ijor/article/view/1104/854] (https://journals.tplondon.com/ijor/article/view/1104/854) [Brief Timeline of Events in Hiram, Ohio] (https://doctrineandcovenantscentral.org/brief-timeline-of-events-in-hiram-ohio/) [https://texags.com/forums/15/topics/606504] (https://texags.com/forums/15/topics/606504) [https://www.ranker.com/list/history-of-tarring-and-feathering/rachel-souerbry] (https://www.ranker.com/list/history-of-tarring-and-feathering/rachel-souerbry) [http://www.mormonthink.com/essays-peace-and-violence.htm] (http://www.mormonthink.com/essays-peace-and-violence.htm) [https://cdm15999.contentdm.oclc.org/digital/collection/p15999coll31/id/18156] (https://cdm15999.contentdm.oclc.org/digital/collection/p15999coll31/id/18156) [http://www.sidneyrigdon.com/dbroadhu/oh/paintel2.htm] (http://www.sidneyrigdon.com/dbroadhu/oh/paintel2.htm) ... Read more

15 Sep 2022

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15 Sep 2022


Radio Free Mormon: 252: THE RFM MAGIC SHOW!

I had a blast doing some magic at the 2022 Sunstone Symposium! Even though this is just the audio, I was pleased to find it entertaining to listen to. I hope you enjoy it! ... Read more

10 Sep 2022

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10 Sep 2022


Mormonism LIVE: 092: Mormon Movie Maker

RFM and Bill sit down with Movie Director Richard Dutcher to explore his career directing the movies God’s Army, Brigham City, & States of Grace. We take a look at these films through the perspective of Richard’s faith journey and take an evening to get to know the man who kicked of Mormon cinema. RESOURCES: [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Dutcher] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Dutcher) [https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0244756/] (https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0244756/) [https://youtu.be/9ZHKEOeHAcA] (https://youtu.be/9ZHKEOeHAcA) [https://youtu.be/9ZgNxauxz-8] (https://youtu.be/9ZgNxauxz-8) [https://youtu.be/7HntR1RjEYc] (https://youtu.be/7HntR1RjEYc) [https://youtu.be/TKINAOCVvKg] (https://youtu.be/TKINAOCVvKg) [https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/1979/05/trust-in-the-lord?lang=eng] (https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/1979/05/trust-in-the-lord?lang=eng) (12:00) [https://mormondiscussionpodcast.org/2015/06/michael-reed-and-the-symbol-of-the-cross/] (https://mormondiscussionpodcast.org/2015/06/michael-reed-and-the-symbol-of-the-cross/) (Richard mentioned the use of the cross in his movies so this might help give context) ... Read more

08 Sep 2022

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08 Sep 2022


Mormonism LIVE: 091: Bonnie Cordon & The Breath of Life #HearHim

Throughout multiple talks including one released just a few days ago, Sister Bonnie Cordon, Young Women general president, has spoke about the loss of her Grandson, Derek within Church approved channels. What she doesn’t say is that the death of this child is surrounded by horrific details that contradict witness statements that involve allegations of child abuse, arrests, homicide, and aggravated Child Abuse charges. We expose this story shining a light on the details of a story where nothing adds up. Everyone in the Church seems willing to use this story to promote the LDS Church but no one wants to clearly explain what happened to this little boy. RESOURCES: [Bonnie Cordon General YW President – www.churchofjesuschrist.org/learn/young-women-general-presidency?lang=eng] (http://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/learn/young-women-general-presidency?lang=eng) [Elder Holland joking about Cordon’s being poor www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dp8dfu3TEG0&t=3180s] (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dp8dfu3TEG0&t=3180s) [2019 BYU Women’s Conference – https://youtu.be/8xGA6KpBk5I?t=5672] (https://youtu.be/8xGA6KpBk5I?t=5672) [BYU Devotional Feb 4th 2020 ] (https://www.thechurchnews.com/2020/2/4/23215865/sister-cordon-byu-devotional-prayer) – [https://youtu.be/cLLShkcaWWM?t=935] (https://youtu.be/cLLShkcaWWM?t=935) [www.thechurchnews.com/2020/2/4/23215865/sister-cordon-byu-devotional-prayer] (http://www.thechurchnews.com/2020/2/4/23215865/sister-cordon-byu-devotional-prayer) [BYU Devotional Feb 4th 2020 ] (https://www.thechurchnews.com/2020/2/4/23215865/sister-cordon-byu-devotional-prayer) – [https://youtu.be/cLLShkcaWWM?t=935] (https://youtu.be/cLLShkcaWWM?t=935) [Hear Him Recent https://youtu.be/oxpr87qHhzU] (https://youtu.be/oxpr87qHhzU) [LDS Mag getting in on the action – https://latterdaysaintmag.com/how-president-cordon-learned-to-hearhim-after-her-grandsons-death/] (https://latterdaysaintmag.com/how-president-cordon-learned-to-hearhim-after-her-grandsons-death/) The 4 Page Report – [https://www.myflfamilies.com/childfatality/reports/2016-344471.pdf] (https://www.myflfamilies.com/childfatality/reports/2016-344471.pdf) page 1 w/ highlights – [https://mormonismlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Cordon1.png] (https://mormonismlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Cordon1.png) page 2 w/ highlights – [https://mormonismlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Cordon2.png] (https://mormonismlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Cordon2.png) page 3 w/ highlights – [https://mormonismlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Cordon3.png] (https://mormonismlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Cordon3.png) page 4 w/ highlights – [https://mormonismlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Cordon4.png] (https://mormonismlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Cordon4.png) 1--Point out the important facts and anomalies ---1--Gently Shook him and put hand over his mouth – we know from the obituary that little Derek had a learning disability, which assuredly would make it more difficult for a 2.5 year old to grasp what might be happening as he wakes up from a nightmare in a strange place. Was she possibly admitting in part to a minimized version of what she did or is it a misdirection that takes away focus from the father? ---2--The Father imposes he only was present and aware of the situation once it had gone south ---3--Midnight and leaves hotel at 12:53 AM  (almost an hour from initial event to leaving for the hospital ---4--Medical Team made CONCLUSION Hana shook the child too hard and that the father was neglectful in not responding faster ---5--The Family did not call 911 in a in the face of an emergency in a foreign city. ---6--The Family did not try to grab their sister who is a “RN” (Registered Nurse) who is also on vacation in the same hotel as they are. ---7--The mother, Hana drove alone to the hospital with the child ---8--Hana is arrested on December 9th and charged with Aggravated Child Abuse (child hasn’t died yet as he passes away the following day on the 10th). ---9--Sometime between the event and the date of this report on May 2017 the State Attorney isn’t going to prosecute ---10-Neither parents could give an explanation that was consistent with the injuries and the investigation after 5 months deemed the mother action’s impulsive and violent and the father’s inaction having led to this child’s death, all while the entire Cordon family is on vacation in a different state with their RN sister across the hall. ---11-11 month old these parents were allowed to go back to in spite of this being a “very high risk” case with “out of control” parenting (THIS IS A QUESTION) 12. From December 9th 2016 to May 11th 2017, the State of Florida has maintained that this was a homicide caused by the parents of Derek Cordon to little Derek with the parents offering no satisfactory explanation. 1--Contradictions between the report and what other sources such as LDS material says ---1-- [Bonnie H. Cordon was named the Young Women general president on March 31, 2018.] (https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/learn/young-women-general-presidency?lang=eng) [https://youtu.be/8xGA6KpBk5I?t=5672] (https://youtu.be/8xGA6KpBk5I?t=5672) – Weird that she says “Suspicion that someone was getting away with something” when that seems to be exactly what happened but not about the same thing. – they are all at the airport together going home. ------1--“he unexpectedly passed away” ------2--Something “Stepford Wives” about these women (I asked myself “Where would people never notice a town full of robots?”. Connecticut.) ---2--Feb 4th 2020 BYU Devotional [https://youtu.be/cLLShkcaWWM?t=935] (https://youtu.be/cLLShkcaWWM?t=935) ------1--“In the middle of the fourth night, little Derek stopped breathing, and his parents rushed him to the hospital” – That is not what happened. Why does she want the story framed this way? ------2--Surely since she was there, she knows that Hana drove the child to the hospital alone. She says she stayed behind with the family. Surely she remembers her son was there with her. ------3--Surely she is aware that they didn’t rush but instead took almost an hour to head there? ------4--Surely she finds it strange that her son and daughter in law didn’t rush to grab his Registered Nurse Sister across the hall. (AND WHY DIDN’T BONNIE?) ------5--She prayed that little Derek would feel good enough to rejoin them for family activities? The injuries were serious – How could she be naive enough to think this was some minor health issue? ------6--Why is she creating a narrative where the Holy Ghost helps her through her ignorance about to share with her that her grandson has died now knowing how serious this whole thing is. Why is she hijacking this story for the purpose of creating a faith promoting story that ignores the facts? ------7--“The Answer was so far from my thoughts” juxtaposed with this talk is in 2020 and surely she grasps the full scope of her grandson’s death ------8--Her expressions of surprise and shock and lacking understanding till then Holy Ghost helps her is insane. ------9--While she attributes it to the Holy Ghost she admits she knew Derek died almost 48 hours before he died. Don’t allow her to sweep that under the rug giving credit to Mormonism’s Holy Ghost. She knew how bad this was. ---3-- [Hear Him Recent https://youtu.be/oxpr87qHhzU] (https://youtu.be/oxpr87qHhzU) ------1--“We were on a family vacation, and an unexpected situation happened where our grandson…. Was ……. Ah…. all of a sudden stopped breathing, and we lost him. ------2--Again she admits sort of grasping that she knew that while he wouldn’t die for another 48 hours almost that he was lost. ------3--She says they spent three days with him in a hospital but records indicate the event took place around midnight on the night of the 8th/morning of the 9th and that he arrived at the hospital on the early morning of December 9th 2016 and he was pronounced deceased on December 10th at 7:40 PM and the obituary agrees ( [https://www.sundbergolpinmortuary.com/obituary/Derek-Cordon] (https://www.sundbergolpinmortuary.com/obituary/Derek-Cordon) ) ---4--Obituary [https://www.sundbergolpinmortuary.com/obituary/Derek-Cordon] (https://www.sundbergolpinmortuary.com/obituary/Derek-Cordon) ------1--“Although he struggled to learn how to talk, many of his first words and phrases were about trucks, such as “two-ton tanker truck” Cordon XMAS [https://mormonismlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/CordonXmas.png] (https://mormonismlive.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/CordonXmas.png) ... Read more

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01 Sep 2022


Radio Free Mormon: 251: Meet the New Church Historian!

The LDS Church has appointed a new Church Historian named Elder Kyle S. McKay. True to form, the new Church Historian is a lawyer. What makes Elder McKay different is that he was also my missionary companion in Japan from January to February of 1980! Join me as I talk not only about old times, but why it is the LDS Church has a predilection for putting lawyers in charge of their history department! ... Read more

30 Aug 2022



30 Aug 2022